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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
So Can You.

These B-Schoolers made their
dream business a reality.

Yvonne Radley

Yvonne Radley

Media Coach


It’s the best investment I ever made. I’ve just spent the past year travelling the world and have taken my business to 6-figures this year.

Before discovering B-School I was quite isolated in my work working from the second bedroom in my home and I had a few clients who were getting good results. Fast forward 18 months and I have just spent the past year traveling the world with my completely online coaching business and have taken my business to 6-figures this year.

Growing my business has allowed me to live the dream life I’d imagined. I employ my son full time and I just took my other son on a dream holiday to Italy. My clients are getting amazing results and one has just been featured on BBC1’s The Apprentice.

B-School helped me to put in the foundations and grow my ideas. With your help I was able to take my vision and make it a reality.  I felt like I have transformed since starting B-School and my clients are transforming with me – I am inspiring them to travel and build online communities too. You have a ripple effect Marie – all the way over the pond into the UK and Europe.

The freedom of having an online business means I can work from anywhere and spend time with my family. It was the best investment I ever made.

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