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Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen

Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Helsinki, Finland

All my slots filled on the first two days of registration!

Helsinki, March and April 2017. The first few hints of spring approaching with the gradual dawning light. I was in my final trimester of pregnancy, deeply enrolled in B-School and feeling more and more guilty and unworthy of even thinking that I could reach for my dreams, wondering when and how I would be able to do it all: welcome my new baby into the world, take care of my three-year-old toddler, keep the connection with my husband harmonious and strong AND build my business; all while traveling 90% of the year and based in a country far from my friends, family, culture and community. I felt alone, isolated and doubtful that I could pull this off.

And yet. And yet. The solid advice. The ceaseless encouragement. The compassionate and passionate energy behind Marie and the B-School team. All this was virtual and yet there was a real sense of not going through these struggles and doubts alone. There was a sense that there were other women out there: other mothers, other wives, other burgeoning small business owners and entrepreneurs, each with their own various roles and duties, obstacles and responsibilities, share of joy and sorrow, struggle and success.

So maybe, just maybe, I didn’t need to take my fears, doubts and sense of uncertainty in the face of something new so personally. That the path to growth is messy sometimes and success is not a linear path all the time. Seeds planted will take time to sprout and bloom. I realised B-School was actually working when I released the shackles of unrealistic expectation I’ve burdened myself with since I was 15 and decided to fully enjoy my role as a mother while still keeping the flame of B-School ignited, even just a little flicker, by still continuing to take those small, seemingly invisible, actionable steps, in the midst of family life, with very little support, towards my financially profitable dreams.

It felt like I was trapped in a frustrating cycle of being inspired with all these amazing ideas and not knowing how to even begin to birth them into the physical world.

I’d been watching MarieTV for a while and really found the episodes filled with compassionate, thoughtful business and life advice, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in myself through B-School.

I got my massage business (back) up and running! I’m operating it on a pop-up basis at yoga retreats, where the audience is ‘captive’ and in self-care mode. In July 2018, I saw a 100% (actually make that 110%) success rate in turning leads into paying clients! I had to add more sessions since all my slots were filled on the first two days of opening registration! I’ve received 5/5 testimonials on my Facebook page.

I have much less fear about starting ‘small and sucky’ rather than waiting for perfection before starting. Progress over perfection makes working towards the business and life you love a lifestyle, something to unfold over years and decades of consistent action, with no hurry, impatience and grasping for quick, greedy results. Rather, it’s about building and growing a legacy which is bigger than yourself.

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