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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Vana Chupp

Vana Chupp

Unique Heirloom Products, Le Papier Studio

Virginia, USA

My business is making more money and I work 40% less than I used to. That means more time spent with my loves and in other areas of life, which I couldn’t do before.

I’ve followed Marie online for a number of years. Her advice on MarieTV was invaluable (still is) to me. So when B-School rolled around, it was only natural for me to sign up and get involved. I was at a crossroad with my business (at the time 5 years old) – I wanted to push it further but I was in desperate need of clarification. Taking B-School helped me find my focus and re-discover the reason why I started this business in the first place. I was able to have a clear vision of what this business is to me and what values it offers to others – It became very clear to me that I was not in it to be rich but run it to fulfill a creative need and inspire others along the way. It was amazing how B-School helped me shift my priorities. As a result I began purging and getting rid of unnecessary products, and focus on growing by business stronger. I rebranded my business and things haven’t looked better since. I now have less products but bring in higher profits. In an essence I work less and only do what makes me happy. I spend more time with my family which has always been my priority.

I did an analysis of my product offerings and realized that only 2 of them were the main money maker and reflected truly my business story. I got rid of the rest and focused on expanding those two products more. As a result I started offering higher priced items (ex. instead of just sterling silver jewelry, now I offer 14K Solid Gold) – and was able to bring in more profitable sales. In an essence I have less sales but my business is making more money. I work about 40% less of what I used to. That’s more time spent with my loves and invested in other areas of life (which I wasn’t able to do before). I always talk about B-School and how it helped my business be the business it is today.

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