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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working B-Schoolers put in tremendous
time, energy, and sweat equity to create
their success.

Valerie La Breque

Founder, Babibulle Childhood Care Center

Quebec, Canada

This year we hit 7 figures! We have a two-year waitlist and are expanding to two more daycare centers.

In 2009, I opened a daycare with my husband. We invested all our money to open the daycare. I was happy at first, but our dream quickly became a nightmare. There were so many things to do and I wasn’t able to manage both our business and parenting. 

I was drained. I was overwhelmed. Nothing felt right. I was taking care of other children, but I couldn’t take care of my own two children, who were 18 months and 3 years old at the time.

I started looking for a marketing program to help us attract more customers, which is how I discovered B-School. But I was hesitant. I have an offline business, would B-School apply to me? But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I made myself a deal. I just had to start. B-School was aligned enough with my values, so even if I only learned a few tricks about writing content or sending newsletters, that would be enough. 

This year, I took our business to seven figures. I can’t believe it! We have a two-year waitlist and are expanding to two more daycare centers. This is all just from the first exercise in Module 1! Learning how to understand our ideal customer was a game changer. 

With my B-School toolbox, I was able to build a full, all-inclusive package for our families and ask $10 more per day per child than my 12 competitors. I was able to hire better teachers who were passionate about their work and raise their salaries. Our team is amazing now. The vibe in the daycare is so good. We have so much fun that I feel like I’m not even working anymore. 

One more thing — I love cars. When we opened the daycare, we had to sell our house and car. But last month, after four years of waiting, we’re starting a home renovation and I finally bought my dream car!

Even with the Canadian exchange rate, B-School is the best investment I’ve ever made.

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