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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Vaishali Patel

Vaishali Patel

Founder of Sanska Teaching

California, USA

My business has taken off. The first two years I was scraping to make $3-4K per month. We’re projecting to make $250K next year.

I had decided to dedicate the time to do B-School but two children, an extended family and social obligations made it hard. But the second year, when I decided to do it thoroughly, it made the world of difference. I got hooked. I took notes and notes and reviewed them with my best friend who was also doing B-School.

I realized was that there was a market for what I wanted to sell and that I am qualified to do this. I started gathering feedback from the old students I had taught and their parents and realized OMG! I am sitting on a gold mine. My business has taken off this year. The first two years I was scraping to make $3-4K per month. This year we made $50K. Our idea bank is growing and we are projecting to make $250K next year.

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