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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working B-Schoolers put in tremendous
time, energy, and sweat equity to create
their success.

Tasha Blank

Tasha Blank

International DJ, Event Planner & Coach

New York, USA

I've performed for global audiences in the thousands, have a loyal newsletter readership of 22K and my video manifesto has been viewed over 4 million times.

I knew I had a huge gift and vision to give the world. I saw it in my dreams and could feel it in my core. But I had no path to follow or models to learn from, and absolutely no idea how to turn it into a business. I felt stuck, confused, and small. Like there was a huge wall of unknowing between me and this huge dream I wanted more than anything. I felt lost.

When I heard Marie’s message, it felt like she was speaking to me – like she might be able to offer a map to this wild west of self-starting entrepreneurship. I was afraid to make such a huge investment in myself and my career. AND I didn’t have the money. But I knew I had to do SOMETHING to move forward towards my dreams, and that I couldn’t live with myself if I stayed small. I figured out a way to make it happen, which turned out to be my first lesson in how to commit to and manifest an outcome that feels impossible 🙂

When we started to get into the nitty gritty of working collaborators and actionable steps that asked me to get out in the world in an entirely new way – and I got super uncomfortable. It showed me where I’d been hiding, how I’d been staying in my comfort zone, and gave me the step-by-step process to break out and do things differently. Which, of course, was the key to getting different results.  

I’ve created a six-figure business that thousands of people rely on to find a kind of love, joy, connection, and freedom they can’t get anywhere else. This incredible tribe of humans has grown around the core values embedded in my work – and it’s the highest honor to serve them.

I’ve built an ongoing event series in New York City that’s brought in 50K attendees over the last 5 years, have performed and taught for global audiences at festivals and conferences in the thousands, have a loyal newsletter readership of 22K, and a social following of 30K. My video manifesto We Came To Dance has been viewed over 4 million times, and created a rallying call for all dancing bodies everywhere.

Before B-School I had no idea how to navigate entrepreneurship. I felt lost when it came to turning my passions into a business. Honestly, I didn’t know who I was or what I was truly capable of. After B-School I felt like I’d been handed a customized roadmap to manifesting my vision, and I learned how to generate value for others AND my business. Through a tremendous amount of persistence, consistency, intentional experimentation and accountability, I grew my gifts into real offerings and have now created multiple channels through which I serve the world generously – and profit.

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