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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working B-Schoolers put in tremendous
time, energy, and sweat equity to create
their success.

Tarzan Kay Kalryzian

Tarzan Kay Kalryzian

Email Copywriter

Ontario, Canada

In 5 weeks I earned $7500—more than I’ve made during entire YEARS as a freelancer.

For 3 years I watched B-School enrollment come and go. Wishing and hoping. Waiting for a miracle. This year, I got my miracle. A client advanced me $1000 on future work, enough to cover my first payment. (I secretly used the rest to cover the rent on my office, which I was already behind on.) Even with the advance, B-School felt like a huge, HUGE financial stretch. The Canadian dollar was doing epically bad, making the cost that much scarier. What’s more, I’d just taken my business full-time, trading places with my husband who is now a full-time father to our 1-year-old son. I had 3 mouths to feed, a mortgage to cover and a business that had never made more than $15,000 a year. Scary, scary stuff.

But somewhere inside of me was a seed of knowledge that just knew. This was my year. My work was crazy-good and crazy-effective. I knew I wasn’t charging enough, and that if I could just get more people to KNOW about what I was offering, I’d have a lineup out the door and money raining down like a tropical thunderstorm. I also had rock-solid determination, awesome work ethic and loads of technical skill. And finally, a fire under my butt. (The missing piece, if you ask me.)

The results have been WAY more than I bargained for. What I got from B-School:

  • Earned $7500 in 5 weeks—more than I’ve made in entire YEARS as a freelancer
  • Turned down a copywriting job for the first time. (“All aboard the NO train!”)
  • Created a mastermind group with local B-Schoolers, and met with them 7 times during the course
  • Raised my rates, then raised ‘em again
  • Completely overhauled WHAT services I offer and HOW I offer them
  • Streamlined my business so I’m no longer fielding calls from strangers on weekends, or answering emails from people who will never purchase my services
  • Got my name and business in front of thousands of new people
  • Put systems in place to attract new subscribers 365 days a year

The best part? Even with all this explosive growth I still put my kid to bed every night, took weekends off, and regularly snuck home for some lunchtime hanky panky with my man.

The benefits of B-School have been way, WAY more than anticipated. I no longer doubt whether or not I’m doing the right thing, if I should change tactics or start a different business. I feel clear and confident and in control. I dearly wish for others like me to know what B-School can do for them. I’m sharing my story and plugging your program every chance I get. But for now, I’ll just say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Truly, the universe shifted. Just as Marie said it would.

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