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Sonia Ruyts

Owner of Stash, A Modern Boutique Yarn Shop

Oregon, USA

After I started implementing Marie-inspired changes - we had a six-figure year our first full year in business!

Before B-School I felt an incredible sense of overwhelm, of being in over my head as a solo-entrepreneur. I was also feeling like I had to do every part of my business on my own, the hard way. Also, I was winging it so much of the time, making decisions based on guesses and not working from a thought-out strategy. I had also gotten distracted from my main vision for the shop, and Marie helped me clarify and rededicate my efforts back to the roots and heart of Stash.

B-School connected me to an incredibly rich community of women who were also in business for themselves. This may have been the best part – I no longer felt alone and knew I had a stellar network with whom I could connect and collaborate. I also felt empowered to bring a lot more of my own personality into the shop, my marketing content, and my interactions with people. I thought I had to be All Business and keep things very buttoned up. Now I’m a lot more encouraged to let myself shine through everything I create for the business.

I’ve pushed myself to delegate to my staff and to hire out the jobs that aren’t in my area of expertise so that i can do the things I’m really passionate about. I feel more focused and strategic. I’ve also really connected with my ideal customer and let go of the idea that my business has to be all things to all people. I went through B-School about 6 months after opening Stash, and sales went through the roof after I started implementing Marie-inspired changes. We had a six-figure year our first full year in business!!!

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