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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
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Robin Green

Robin Green

Pediatric Acupuncturist, Author & Educator

California, USA

My first launch grossed $60K and total sales are up to $200K. And I landed a book deal so, yeah. I LOVE B-School!

Before I decided to take B-School my husband had been laid off from his soul crushing corporate job. I hoped and prayed that somehow I could make enough money doing what I loved to save our house and make sure my husband never had to work another corporate job again! Was is possible for me to turn my passion and life’s purpose into a profitable business? The short answer is YES! I did it!

You see, before B-School I worked part time as a pediatric acupuncturist for 10 years, but my income from my clinical work wasn’t enough to support us. I decided to take B-School to see if I could monetize my blog and bring in some passive income, but I had no idea of the amazing transformation my life and business would take.

Since taking B-School I’ve become the sole breadwinner for my family and in just 18 months I’ve grown a business that supports us financially allowing my husband is able to stay home and home school our two boys. I was able to pay our mortgage and I saved our house! I landed a book deal with HayHouse. My husband and I have never been happier! And the freedom my business gives me and the people I’ve met through B-School have played a huge part in the success of my business.

In nutshell: My first launch grossed $60K and my total sales since starting my training business are up to $200K and I landed a book deal with HayHouse! So, Hell Yeah! I LOVE B-School! Thank You Marie!!!!! You seriously changed my life and the lives of thousands of children for the better!

As I was going through the program, I had literally a dozen acupuncturists contact me wanting to shadow me at my office and then a lightbulb went off! I could take what I learned in B-school and launch a course in pediatric acupuncture. I discussed it with my husband and we took a calculated risk to pour everything into the success of my course.

Within two months of having this idea I opened the registration for my first course before I even had the course finished. Start before you’re ready, right? I was just hoping that maybe 25 or 30 people would sign up. But I reached out to leaders in my field and shared with them my passion for helping kids heal naturally and they became affiliates who promoted my course as well. I ended up enrolling 161 people in my first course and made $60K!!!!! I wasn’t sure if there were enough acupuncturists even interested in my program, but the success of my first launch told me I was on to something. Since then I’ve launched 2 other programs and relaunched my first program and have earned a total of $200K in 18 months. That’s in addition to the income I’ve earned at my clinic. And I landed a book deal with Hay House!

In the end the things I’m most proud of is the positive impact I’ve had in the world. We have so many more acupuncturists working with kids and kids people helped by Chinese medicine. It really warms my heart to be able to support my family by doing good things in the world!

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