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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Nina Solomatina

Nina Solomatina

Graduate Admissions Consultant

Location Independent

I have 12-15 amazing clients per month all while living in Paris, Switzerland and Bali. It’s an incredible freedom.

I quit my corporate job, moved to Paris and started to work on my own business. This is when I took B-School as well, though I knew about Marie and B-School for a couple of years before that, I only took the program when decided to proceed fully with my business.

I have a Masters in Business, but when I started to think about my online business, I realized I knew nothing. I mean, I knew the fundamentals, but they’re more applicable to big corporations than launching a one-woman business. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I knew there was so much to do, but I didn’t know where to start. This is where the step-by-step system of B-School was extremely helpful.

B-School gave me such support and confidence, that I would never have had if trying to make it on my own. It gave me extreme clarity on how to move when creating your business, and I can not even measure how much time I saved. The first 5-6 months of business were very tough of course, but because of B-School I knew I was doing the right thing, and I kept going and eventually it led me to a successful business that I fully live from, delivering fantastic results to my clients (their dreams come true!) and feeling so fulfilled to doing what I love. Because I completed B-School exercises, I know what I do, what is my value proposition and who is my client, I literally attract amazing clients and partnerships and see my business growing every day.

I created everything myself with no investors, team or anything. I have around 12-15 amazing clients per month, an engaged list of 3400 subscribers, and Facebook following of more than 5600 people. This month I became an official partner in Russia of two biggest international organizations who organize the biggest educational fairs all over the world.

And of course, I love running my business online from any part of the world. When I started I was living in Paris with my boyfriend, then we moved to Switzerland, then we travelled in the US, until we came 4 months ago to Bali. It is an incredible freedom.

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