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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Nicole Burke

Nicole Burke

Kitchen Garden Designer & Consultant

Houston, TX, USA

Within nine months of becoming a B-Schooler, I’ve launched two online courses within my unique niche of edible organic gardening.

My business has grown faster than I can manage. While the growth has been exciting, demand has shown me that scalability will be challenging with my current model.

But as a result of B-School I’ve started some online streams of business that get me closer to the lifestyle I’ve clarified through “Start the Right Business.” My list has grown from around 200 last January to well over 1,000. And I now have key terms and ideas from Marie that I use to measure each decision I make – things like creating a “blue ocean,” making sure that I “go pro,” “build my list,” and market purposefully to my “ideal client.” Thanks to B-School, I’ve been able to improve Rooted Garden, my local services company, and also launch Gardenary, an online gardening education business. Within nine months of becoming a B-Schooler, Gardenary launched two online courses within my unique niche of edible organic gardening. As a result, I have new hopes for how far my business can go and can’t wait to see what this new year and the years to come will hold.

One of the biggest changes has been my resolution to say “no” to some aspects of my business that just weren’t allowing me to work in my strengths. I’ve outsourced some of these tasks and this has freed me to work in my strengths of teaching, designing and directing. Before B-School, I was being led along by client desires, and I’m now designing my business around my long-term goals. Before B-School, I was spending hours planning Instagram posts, and now I’m spending hours planning newsletters, incentives and information materials. Before B-School, I was afraid to say, “no” to some clients, and now I’ve realized I serve everyone better by specifying what my business does and doesn’t do.

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