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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Michelle Long

Michelle Long

Owner & Founder of Bloom Retreat Studio, Spa & Workspace

California, USA

Since B-School, revenue has doubled. I’ve led in-person extended retreats which brought in $30k and I have a 3-year plan to continue this growth.

Bloom is a brand new business model that does not exist anywhere else in the world. I created Bloom originally because my mom died of breast cancer at a young age, and I saw so clearly how women tend to give themselves completely to others and not care for themselves. After having children, I started to see myself going down this path as well, which inspired me to create a space that stands up for women in a whole new way. I am creating new fitness models and programs to help women stay accountable to themselves, and shifting the current paradigm so that women see the value in putting our own needs first. Everything feels better when we do. What I really do every single day is help women come home to themselves.

I have a unique story because I have married the teachings that Marie offers in B-School with a brick and mortar business. I don’t see many people (if any) doing this in my industry. Before B-School, I was struggling to share with the community what Bloom Retreat really is. My newsletters, for example, were boring standard emails (like most other yoga studios) listing the current workshops and offerings that we had. After B-School, I started to write and share my personal story. I shared the story about my mother dying of cancer, and my hardships as a woman and mother behind my brand. People started listening in a new way.

Through my stories I have empowered hundreds of local women to start speaking up for themselves and sharing their own stories. It has been incredibly healing for me to turn my hardships into power for others.

In addition, Bloom Retreat has become something completely different and special. Bringing my personal story to the brand has helped the business stand out as a thought leader in the industry. I have learned a great deal about women and how the mainstream fitness industry is actually fueling women’s insecurities and fears. In response to this, I am launching a whole new fitness model, based on community, accountability, and real change. I have also tapped into the local Bay Area B-School community and I am leading co-working masterminds at Bloom, so that women can come together in person to continue supporting each other. While working virtually and online is amazing, I think as a culture we are craving contact with other people, and Bloom is providing this hub for women to connect in person.

This past year I have led two in-person extended retreats at Bloom, each of which brought in $30k. This was not something I even dreamed about before B-School. B-School helped me to see my Blue Ocean strategy and how our regular yoga classes at Bloom are a funnel for my high end programs that bring in the money. I am now creating the entire business model around this, so that everything we offer funnels into high end programs.

Since B-School, Bloom’s overall revenue has doubled and I have a 3-year plan to continue this rate of growth. In the next few years we will be creating an online presence for the business as well, so that Bloom can serve as the local hub, but we will also offer online training and courses for women globally. I see Bloom Retreat franchises and lots of expansion. I thank B-School for catalyzing this rapid growth, and most importantly, for allowing me to see the truth and power in my personal story.

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