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B-School enrollment open until July 29th

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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
So Can You.

Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working B-Schoolers put in tremendous
time, energy, and sweat equity to create
their success.

Merel Elishevah Kriegsman

Merel Elishevah Kriegsman

Conversion Copywriter

Saskatchewan, Canada

In an industry where other copywriters perhaps make $1,000 or less for an entire website, I just sold a custom website copy project for $25,000.

Before B-School I had ZERO money and walked around in my little sister’s hand-me-downs (OUCH!). I had no faith in my ability to turn my talents into money, and I lived off my husband’s (small) income. Picture this: a window-shopaholic with big ambitions, creatively going to waste, 17K in debt, and NO idea how to get started.

But “getting started” is exactly what I did when I heard about B-School and instantly decided, YES! Since $2,000 was about what I made in an entire year (if I got lucky), the investment felt HUGE. But I cleaned toilets and babysat to pay my way, and it felt SO GOOD.

B-School taught me everything I needed to know about how to build a highly successful copywriting business. Last August I hit my first $20,000+ month. By applying the B-School principles I’ve been able to position myself as, well… hot shit. In an industry where other copywriters perhaps make $1,000 or less for an entire website, I just sold a custom website copy project for $25,000.

Marie Forleo and B-School changed my life. I’m now the sole provider for our little family and I’m building my team. We swapped our tiny, fourth-floor apartment in Germany for a HUGE acreage in rural Canada to live the veg-patch life with our toddler and baby. Because we can! We’re location independent.

Every Saturday we visit Granny and Grandpa in town, and when our daughters run (waddle) into their arms for hugs, it brings tears to my eyes in gratitude. I have the BEST business besties (in every corner of the world), and get to work with the change-makers and influencers of today.

If B-School is even remotely calling your name, JUMP! Just go for it. Show up, do the work, and your life (and the world) will change forever.

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