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Mary Torres

Mary Torres

Microblading Eyebrow Artist

San Jose, CA, USA

I have clients every week and my business is just starting. I am now making 400% more money (consistently!) than I was when I first started B-School.

I was thinking too small. Before I started B-School, I was always doing makeup for weddings as a side gig. I knew that I was good at it, but never had the courage to really build it into something.

When I first signed up for B-School, I was afraid but I knew it would change my life. I was 10 years out of college (jumping from job to job, career change after career change) and still had no idea what direction I wanted to take, until I started B-School. At the time, I remember people around me thought this would be just another fad or “job” I would be excited about but wouldn’t last very long. That fueled me to prove everyone wrong.

After my first year of B-School, I did a deeper dive into my services and asked myself, “Am I meant to be doing more?” At the time, my business was from home. I would meet my brides at their hotels to get ready for their weddings, and never had a brick-and-mortar location for my brides to come to. Also, the weddings that I would book were very inconsistent. Many months would go by before my next gig would come along, and the money just wasn’t flowing.

I realized then that I had to amp up my services. I became a certified-licensed microblading artist (semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows) and opened up TWO brick-and-mortar locations. Since making that change, my business has changed directions from on-location weddings to a full-scale microblading business for both brides and everyday women.

Now I have clients every week and my business is just starting. I am now making 400% more money (consistently!) than I was making when I first started B-School. I have two studio locations and have hired outside help (thanks to the networking B-School forums!) to grow my business. I never thought I could be in a position to hire people before starting B-School, and now here I am with a business that has grown into something amazing!

But the biggest takeaway I have learned from B-School is that you can’t let fear get in your way. I had been playing “small” with my business for too long, and when I finally made the jump to join B-School and get past my fears, my investment paid itself off in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

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