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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
So Can You.

These B-Schoolers made their
dream business a reality.

Marina Yamamoto

Marina Yamamoto

Owner/Operator of Hawaii Coffee Box

Oahu, Hawaii USA

I took B-School two whole years before finding my business idea. Once I found it, I had the confidence to start immediately—launching Hawaii’s first coffee club.

I was a business student at Hawaii Pacific University and had a strong desire to have my own online business. I wanted to design a life that let me work from home. I wanted to be a mother, be home to raise my kids but also help support my family financially.

I didn’t have a business idea yet, but I related to Marie who was also a business school college graduate. I remember her saying that college didn’t really give her the type of know-how to start a real online small biz (or big!).

I signed up and took the course two whole years before finding my business idea. Once I found my niche, I had the confidence to start immediately because of B-School, and as a B-School alumni I was able to go through the modules again. I still use them as guidance in keeping my website well-tuned. I am a mom now! And I am able to run my business entirely online. It’s wonderful!

My biggest victory was launching Hawaii Coffee Box last year. I ran a pre-launch for two months prior to collecting emails to see if there was an interest in the idea of trying a new coffee each month. A coffee club for Hawaii didn’t exist yet.

One of the MANY nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned from B-School is to stay consistent. My subscriber count is growing every month. I love that I have something that is entirely my own. I’m actually living the life I always wanted as a mom with my own online home-based business.

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