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Lori Mercer

Lori Mercer

Founder of FirefighterWife & 24-7 Commitment

Ohio, USA

I left the corporate world, received non-profit status and speak at nearly every major fire conference. Every single day someone tells me I saved their marriage.

Before B-School, I was working a full time corporate job while this little blessing of the Fire Wife Sisterhood was wildly and organically growing on the side. I had no idea where it was going as it sprung up out of nowhere from my freelance work. I had started to pay a very high dollar business coach to learn skills to that were outside of my corporate experience and grow this mission but that coach dumped me, telling me that if I pursued the non-profit path I was taking a poverty mindset and would be making only $20,000 per year. B-School was my next attempt to take a fresh look at everything and I felt this was the last place I would throw my money before just giving into a corporate career that paid well but did not match my need for flexibility with the family nor satisfy my thirst to do more good in the world.

I blocked my calendar and fully engaged and B-School did not disappoint. Marie’s approach goes deep, brings clarity, doesn’t promise quick wins, gives away amazing secrets no one else is sharing and gave me the structure and framework I needed to see things more clearly.

Today, I have completely left the corporate world, have received our federal non-profit status, and the growth has not slowed. Our brand is recognizable across the fire service and I’ve been a speaker at nearly every major fire conference and published in their journals. We’ve been able to go deep with our program offerings to meet the needs of so many. Every single day someone tells me that this saved their marriage and/or brought them to the best friends they never had previously in their life.

Being able to serve a need with your best talents and create a good balance for your family is truly living a satisfying dream. My only hunger now is to reach even more marriages in need.

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