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Kristin Booker

Kristin Booker

Fashion/Style/Beauty Editor, Illustrator, Writer & Photographer

New York, NY, USA

My entire life is different now. I CREATED A BOOK PROPOSAL, Y’ALL! I WROTE A MANUSCRIPT!”

I was on the WRONG TRACK. I was following the same formula as other fashion and beauty bloggers and realized that I’m meant to do so much more than just the traditional ad-revenue, image-driven women’s site. I was completely stuck, and very, very afraid of failure. And I was miserable! I’d lost my health, was struggling financially, and was almost ready to burn the whole thing down. Everyone kept pressuring me to follow the models that others had created, but I just knew in my gut that it was wrong, that women don’t need another don’t-you-wish-you-were-me site that makes them feel bad about themselves. I was just completely lost as to how to make it happen.

But my entire life is different now. B-School gave me the courage and the belief in myself to leave an abusive relationship. I’m healthy again, down 33 lbs and on my way to becoming the person I always wanted to be while I was stuck and miserable. I CREATED A BOOK PROPOSAL, Y’ALL! I WROTE A MANUSCRIPT! I would NEVER have had the balls to do these things! I found my artistic side again: I draw every day now, something I haven’t done since college! I’m expanding my business, I’m working on hiring a virtual assistant, and I am so busy being happy and working hard. EVERYTHING is different. I stand on my feet now. I don’t suffer bullshit anymore. I’m a B-School badass.

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