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Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

Psychic & Aspiring Medium, Professional Intuitive Tarot Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Ordained Minister


I've made more money in the past 6 weeks than I have in two years. For the first time in my life I feel like I have an actual business.

I signed up for the B-School course on the very last day! I had tried the scholarship 2 years in a row and didn’t get picked! I was devastated! I didn’t know what to do. My husband felt my frustration and decided we should purchase the course! He felt we couldn’t go wrong. I was worried about the money aspect of it. We had been faithful watchers of MarieTV for an entire year and every Tuesday evening we would watch MarieTV as a family! The only problem was that the only savings we had was for our home, for 6 years we had been living in an apartment. My husband believed that if I took the course my business would become so successful we could buy 2 houses! So I agreed and we were both so excited! Immediately after receiving the course my attitude changed and I felt at peace.

The cool thing is that the very first week of the B-School I had began teaching my online Tarot course. Life was crazy but good. I immediately sold more seats than ever before. I also began to sell more Tarot Readings readings than ever before as well. I went from zero in one week to selling five! I also sold a 4-week coaching package! WTF??

I had been SO absolutely frustrated with my business experience, I was so over the whole thing! B-School was a gift! Not only did it improve my outlook it gave me a way to work my business! It helped me fill in the blanks; creating an email list, creating a product, how to market myself and so much more. It literally saved my sanity; I’m so incredibly grateful to Marie and all of Team Forleo.

I went from having 25 people in my list for 2 years to having 125 people, and more added daily, today! I have another Tarot class open right now and utilized the Scholarship program and had 8 people apply. I also sold 1,000.00 in seats the first 2 days! I nearly shit!! I’ve never sold so many seats or been so successful.

I market my business on Periscope almost daily and other Social Media markets daily as well to help me propel my business through the roof! I never would’ve been able to do that without B-School! I’ve made more money in the past 6 weeks than I have in two years. For the first time in my life I feel like I have an actual business! I feel successful, I feel proud of who I am as an entrepreneur.

I’m so grateful to Marie and the staff for all the amazing work that they do and for creating an award-winning program. I’m also grateful to my husband for being able to see the vision when I was stressed as hell and gently guiding me to making the right decision by investing in the course.

Without having the ability to take B-School I know that my business would be closed right now. I had completely lost faith, I lost confidence, and I lost my way as a business owner. The tools inside of B-School give me the faith in the confidence I needed to keep pushing, and to keep trying to keep my business together. Now I feel like we’re truly going somewhere and that we have a plan, and a support method that not only gave us direction but gave us a map on how to actually do everything as well.

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