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Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor

Founder of The Breakfast Cure

Eugene, Oregon, USA

I went from feeling like, “Perhaps it's time to retire” to actually feeling excited about turning 50 this year surrounded by people making beautiful change in our world.

I’ve been an acupuncturist for 20 years. Over the past several years I’ve been slowing down my practice. I’d been mulling over a few ideas for a business that would allow some freedom and also reach more people with what I’d learned over the years from Asian medicine and wisdom. Then my mom, the most fabulous mom in the entire world, had emergency surgery and never recovered. My whole life shattered.

When I’d picked myself up enough to realize I needed a shift, a friend suggested B-School. I was open to it in a new, cracked-open way. I’d already been thinking about a congee business, but when I was inspired to take B-School, it was just that, an idea. I never spend money on my business, never. I doubted that I would follow through! I never thought I would actually really love the business part. But I loved the way Marie started the course with so many inspiring stories from real people who made a huge difference with their caring and an idea. That moved me! Then she unlocked a deep understanding that marketing is never slimy when it’s from the heart for real, and I can feel that. It’s actually fun! That’s shocking. If you’d told me two months ago that I would care about SEO and my opt-in pop up, I would have asked what that was and then asked you what you were smoking!

Marie, you are living proof that people like me can be authentic, passionate, compassionate, powerfully feminine, and live and dream outside the box and people will appreciate it. You proved to me that I can actually realize my dreams and dare to set my loftiest goals because I now believe that I won’t be stopped by the details, by all the stuff that is just plain figureoutable. I also know that there are so many amazing people to meet on this path and I am so grateful. Listen, I was honestly totally prepared not to like you. Awesome, girl! You nailed it.

Before, there was nothing…now I have my brand, my website, my email list (now at 99!). Over 2,100 visits to my site. I have 13 subscribers-woot woot! I have my part in a shared commercial gluten-free kitchen. I have my first employee. I’m so proud to have built my site all by myself. I have a YouTube channel with four videos and 373 views. The biggest win… I’m living the life I was born to live. It feels so good.

I went from feeling like, “Perhaps it’s time to retire” to actually feeling excited about turning 50 this year surrounded by people making beautiful change in our world.

But retirement felt like I was turning my back on digital life (the modern era). That sounds like a joke, but before B-School I couldn’t even understand the concept of “meeting” someone online.

But a big shift took place. In order to reach thousands of people, I had to step outside my comfort zone. Now I am loving the relationships I am nurturing with powerful women all over the world! Now I’m automating, optimizing, capturing leads and making promotional videos. Each day I break free of limiting beliefs and just go for it. What is there to lose? The sky, truly, is the limit.

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