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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Karen Rudkin-Moody

Karen Rudkin-Moody

Genius Marketer, Chief Cook and Boat Washer, Ryan Moody Fishing & Barra Basics

Queensland, Australia

The initial launch generated $70,000 in sales. Now over 240 people have done the fishing course equating to $265,000 in revenue in our first year. WOW!

My career has been as a marine biologist and marine ranger who loved my job. However, after a boss change, I was finding working for the Government difficult. We live in a tiny town with limited other job prospects and saw Marie while looking for an idea for a business. Seeing that she had B-School, I wondered if I could create an online course about how I recovered from alcoholism. I did B-School part time and soon realized that my hubby had the authority factor already as an accomplished and respected angler for barramundi (a prized Australian sportsfish). We taught ourselves, photoshop, video editing, website development, video hosting, Facebook and youtube. Everything! Yikes it was a head spin and soon became obvious I needed to do it full time. So I quit my job two months before our first launch after exhausting all my long service and leave. We launched Barra Basics, our online fishing course for barramundi and the response was amazing. The students raved about it, catching barra within a week of doing the course. Some of the guys went so far to say it changed their lives! What a confidence booster. That initial launch generated $70,000 in sales, most of which we fed straight back into the business. And even better, we are able to spread our message of catch and release sustainable fishing to a whole new audience of anglers.

The B-School training helps me to realize Rome wasn’t built in a day and to focus on what is important. We are working on automating more, building contacts in the industry and promoting Ryan Moody the brand even more. Prior to B-School we had an old coded website that just sat there with no way of collecting emails. Now we have a blog, an active fishing community and a cranking Facebook page not to mention over 240 peeps have done the course equating to $265,000 in revenue in our first year. WOW!

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