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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
So Can You.

These B-Schoolers made their
dream business a reality.

Jenny A. Hansen

Jenny A. Hansen

Beauty, Wellness, and Business Consultant & iTunes Podcaster

Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA

I went from working at a five-star resort, to being a guest at that same resort.

I was looking over my newborn daughter in her crib while she was sleeping, and I was thinking how I would support her dreams. Then I realized I wasn’t doing it myself. How could I teach my daughter to be fearless without being an example? I knew then it was time to be an example and not just talk. I went from working at a salon to managing a salon, to owning a salon, to consulting for the salon I used manage. I went from making $7.25/hour and $450.00 paychecks to $3,000 paychecks. I have an amazing and established clientele, wait list, and am expanding into a 1,500 square-foot location this year. I went from working at a five-star resort, to being a guest at that same resort.

I also built a presence online and have credibility as a authority for other nail technicians. I started a YouTube show and iTunes podcast for beauty professionals called “Beauties Talking Business.” It is so much fun, and I LOVE doing it.

B-School truly changed my life and helped my family so much. We were struggling on my husband’s veteran income, and now we live quite comfortable with what I have been able to contribute. I also know that this course changed the lives of my girls who now have a mother who is SHOWING them they can do what their soul desires. Marie changed my life and generations after me for the women in our family. For that, I am always thankful.

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