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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Jennifer Mazer

Jennifer Mazer

Queen of Manifestation

New York City, NY, USA

I now make over $30,000 a month after previously living off my savings.

My daughter was six months old when I decided to join B-School. At that time I had the desire to get back into work, and I saw my savings account dwindling without new money coming in. I knew I wanted to do something more meaningful after becoming a mom, and I didn’t simply want to be a freelance web designer anymore.

I had already done a lot of inner spiritual work, been to India to get certified as a yoga instructor, traveled the world, and had my artwork in the New York Times and New York Magazine. When my friends nicknamed me the “Queen of Manifestation,” and asked me to lead manifestation workshops locally, B-School seemed like the perfect next step in starting an online business and I knew Marie had the exact processes I needed to get clear on my audience, messaging, and marketing.

I was ready to create a new business that tied in all aspects of my life. I wanted to make a difference for myself and my family. And I was the primary breadwinner. It was time to make a change!

Now I have a multiple six-figure business as the Queen of Manifestation. My book is out through Simon & Schuster, and I did a nationwide tour at local bookstores and at Barnes & Noble across the country. Last year was my third year leading a private mastermind in Bali with my entire family. I also have led my signature Manifestation Masters program 16 times! I built an email list of over 15,000 people from 0 before B-School. I’ve interviewed and become friends with the world’s top spiritual leaders through my Manifesting with the Masters interview series.

My life has changed enormously. I now make over $30,000 a month after becoming a mom and living off my savings. I’m building up savings for my family. I moved to my favorite neighborhood in New York. I have amazing clients who I love working with. I have a book out that is changing people’s lives. I get emails and thank you notes thanking me for writing the book and telling me about people’s transformations. I’m able to travel around the world, make my own schedule, and pay for amazing experiences for my daughter. She’s only five and she’s already been to Africa twice, Spain, London, Italy, Dubai, China, Bali (3 times), and all over the US. I was asked to co-create an inspirational board game because of my work as the Queen of Manifestation. And the game that I Co-Founded, Sparked, has been featured on Buzzfeed and Forbes. I also got to present and play it at TED. My life has changed tremendously since when I first joined B-School. Thank you, Marie!

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