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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Jackie Fenton

Jackie Fenton

CEO of Bright Heart Wellness

Cupertino, CA, USA

Every year since B-School, our studio membership has almost doubled (in 2015, 40 members; 2016, 80 members; 2017, 150 members - and still freaking growing).

I bought a yoga studio from someone else and I was about six months in and just dumping money into it. I had no idea what I was doing and felt completely frustrated because I was trying to prove to my family that this business could actually work. I didn’t know anything about business or how to reach the people I wanted to reach.

I was feeling really defeated and like I had made a huge mistake by asking my parents and my husband to put money into the studio. I was working like crazy. I am also a physical therapist, so I was doing that full time to support the money pit of the studio. I really thought I wouldn’t be able to turn it around. I had a total breakdown when my husband and I went away on our honeymoon in February 2015. I was consumed during our whole honeymoon (poor hubby) that I wouldn’t be able to make the studio work. My husband, while supportive, would say things like, “Well, owning a studio is cheaper than a MBA,” so I know he was frustrated as well. My mom was afraid I was too stressed out and that I was going to make myself sick with how much I was working. Most of my friends, while I am sure they thought I was a little crazy, would always say how inspiring I was for going out on my own – and I just felt like a fraud!

My husband was pushing me and saying we could afford to do B-School, even though we were totally dumping money into the studio (and our wedding and honeymoon). I felt like I had no other options and no other help, and Marie is totally my style—direct and silly. I knew I would be able to learn a lot from her. I had always been pretty good at school in the past – if I can have a plan, I will execute it. I am just not so great at creating the plan. So this program seemed like the perfect way to get me moving forward.

After B-School – my email list went from 1,000 to 2,000 in about six months. As a brick and mortar my goal isn’t necessarily to get thousands of emails because we only have so much space. About six months after the program, I was no longer putting money into the studio. About six months after that, I started paying myself. This year, I got to quit my part-time physical therapy job and focus just on the yoga studio (and soon will be growing it into a wellness center and adding physical therapy and other health services). Every year since B-School our studio membership has almost doubled (in 2015, 40 members; 2016, 80 members; 2017, 150 members – and still freaking growing). I have the type of client I want – they buy our teacher training and workshops with no hesitation. I am now growing my team and getting to delegate now – not just having teachers on staff.

What changed most for me after B-School is not only making more money, but having more confidence in my vision, mission, and who my people are. By getting crystal clear, I have the right people here, and the studio is just growing. I am less stressed, and I feel like I can definitely set a goal and achieve it now. My next big goal is to move into a bigger space after we hit 300 members and start getting to my bigger vision of health and wellness.

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