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Eva Lisle

Eva Lisle

Outback Solutions

California, USA

Because of YOU, another 500+ businesses in Northern California are STILL HERE!!!

I took B-School in 2018 and completed the whole thing during the live rollout. My husband and I already had two businesses and are also Executive Directors of BNI California Capital Region. Though I began B-School with my own project in mind we have ended up using many of the ideas, principles, avatars etc. for our other businesses. 

On March 13, 2020 (along with the rest of the world) we discovered we needed to take our entire business online. Our BNI business is a network of face to face chapters who meet weekly to support one another in growing each other’s business by referral. Our parent company made the decision to move ALL chapters online and within one week we became an online business. We poured over our email and video communications to our team and members with All of my avatar and B-School intuitive training allowed us to set a positive foundation for this epic whirlwind shift needed to survive a global crisis. As a B-School Graduate, it was so much more possible for us to continue communications with our own 500 members (270,000 members globally) and with other Executive Directors online in a way that still brings me to tears. Because of YOU, another 500 + businesses in Northern California are STILL HERE!!!

Had I not been a B-School Graduate, a huge practitioner, and reader of “Everything is Figureoutable” and an ongoing student of Marie TV this past month could have buried us. We are here, passing out inspiration like it was candy, being transparent about the huge shift while knowing just what our members are feeling, and communicating ways we can all continue to not just survive but THRIVE.

Thank you all again for your love, support, ideas, and tools of both business and inspiration. You ARE THE BEST.

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