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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working B-Schoolers put in tremendous
time, energy, and sweat equity to create
their success.

Emilia Farrace

Emilia Farrace

Website Strategist, Designer & Project Manager

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Revenue has increased by 75% since B-School and 25% year-over-year, well into six figures.

I was struggling with a direction for my business. I lead a boutique agency that creates custom WordPress design and development. At the time, I was all over the place. Anyone who called, I worked with, and sometimes it was a struggle because they weren’t my ideal client (I didn’t know who that was!) and was just $$ in the bank. I wasn’t miserable, but I felt like I was just working at a company and not happy that it was mine. There was no passion for me, I was losing my drive so it was difficult for my clients to have faith that I was leading them in the right direction.

I’d been making websites for a VERY long time and was operating with experience but WITHOUT change. As the online landscape was very quickly changing, I wasn’t, and was seeing a decline in awesome clients and more corporate static companies that weren’t interested in the strategy behind their websites, or anything other than boring information-based websites that didn’t work for them (or me).

I needed a new direction and clarity about what I wanted. Not being good enough was a huge running theme when it came to re-jigging my business. The B-School modules, in all the exercises, helped me realize just how many case studies, experiences, testimonials, help I’ve given – everything. It was eye-opening how much I didn’t realize I knew about this industry, business and myself.

Before B-School, on average, my yearly business revenue was roughly $35,000-50,000 (and this was with a large retainer client that boosted my monthly income). After B-School, revenue has increased by 75% and 25% year-over-year, well into six figures.

I now work exclusively with passion-based entrepreneurs whose mission is all about helping others. We focus on non-profits, health, wellness and lifestyle brands and I LOVE IT. Every website is super fun, bright, bold, nurturing, and so fun to strategize and work on with these lovely people. It’s so easy to get up and do work, work with clients I love and be true to me. These numbers were WITHOUT a product, purely service-based.

I’ve been able to grow my team (we’re still small, I like it) and create better products, better service and MUCH BETTER quality, thought-out website strategies and design. We’ve been able to help more people because we’re able to offer websites at varying price points and therefore I’m able to see all these wonderful ideas/services/products being shared with the world and it makes my heart smile.

I’ve semi-retired my fiancé and we’re on route to retiring him fully so our vacations won’t be limited to his vacation schedule (because mine is freeeee) and I’ll have more help in the operations side of the business. We’ve purchased our first home based on where we want to live and not where we HAVE to live because of work commutes!

Most importantly: even on my worst entrepreneur days, I never think about finding a job instead of doing this. It’s not even a question or thought that comes up. I have found (or re-found) my passion and doing it uniquely to me and sharing my voice with the world. It’s exciting and I’m honoured to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you to B-School and Marie for opening my eyes to all this and more.

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