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Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Multimedia Storyteller & Social Media Strategist


I charge premium rates starting from $250 and up to $10,000. I've been featured on podcasts and blogs like Tiny Buddha. This business didn't even exist before B-School!

Prior to enrolling B-School, I was a freelance writer that didn’t market her services very well, and hid behind the computer screen. I began my journey over 4 years ago when my husband chased a job lead that fell through, and after a friend recommended I begin blogging (and heck I’ve always been a writer), I thought it was a good solution to ease the financial burden our family was experiencing.

I was wrong. Trying to monetize my nebulous travel blog was borderline impossible. Then I joined B-School and from day one I realized: why the frick am I not marketing what I do best?!

Thus, Thriving Healer was born. And even before it launched, I had my first client, a health coach. I realized I was in my element (despite that fear and self-doubt I had inside of me) when we did our first coaching call and I was at ease. I had this, I lived and breathed it. I was confident and could serve my Ideal peeps well, and felt utterly delighted to be of service.

I charge premium rates for my coaching sessions and packages, starting from 250 dollars and up to 10,000 depending on how long a client is working with me and what services I am offering them. I’ve been featured on the top iTunes podcast Lifestyle Architects and on many blogs such as Tiny Buddha, Kind Over Matter, etc. This business didn’t even exist before B-School!

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