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Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Greenville, SC, USA

Because of B-School - In my first two years out of acupuncture school, I moved across the country, built a successful practice, and met my husband.

I signed up for B-School in my second year of acupuncture school. I was so determined to build a successful business that could help people while supporting myself, that I planned ahead. In school they tell you that in five years, half the class would not be practicing, and I didn’t want to be in that half. Back then, I was just worried about being able to make ends meet once I graduated.

I was a teacher and dreaded going to school every day. I kept thinking that things would change if I just found the right school, and I searched for that school for seven years. Then, I woke up on my 33rd birthday and realized that I couldn’t do it anymore. I told my family that I was going to quit teaching, and they weren’t supportive. But I had to follow my intuition. My gut said go to acupuncture school – even though that meant three years of school and $60,000. For the first year, I worried that I had made the wrong decision, even my boyfriend at the time thought I was doing it because I really just wanted kids and needed something new to do. Thankfully I persevered, and found out that I made the right decision.

I knew once I graduated I had two options: 1. Go back to doing what I was doing before, working a miserable job and trying to build a practice on the side, or 2. Have a solid plan and jump in with both feet. I decided that I needed to be educated in business as well as medicine in order to do what I wanted to do, and that investment was so worth it!

If I didn’t sign up for B-School three years ago, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. Because of this course, I was able to jump directly into building a business right out of school. I imagine that without this course I would be working another job to support myself and just practicing acupuncture on the side. It would have taken me way longer to build a business, and I very likely would have quit. I know that this course supercharged my life by getting me where I wanted to be much quicker. And it will continue to help down the road when I’m ready to take the next step and grow my business even more.

Because of B-School, I was able to quickly build a business that could support me and reach many people. In my first two years out of acupuncture school, I moved across the country, built a successful practice, and met my husband. The only way I was able to do that was first, the confidence I got that I could do it. That helped give me courage to move and really put forth the effort I needed to. My first full year in practice I grossed just over six figures, which gave me the funds to be able to continue my education in a way I couldn’t have done otherwise. Not to mention how much better the rest of my life is because I can set my own hours, be my own boss, and most importantly, create a beautiful life with my new partner.

Right now, I am just over two years out of school and run a successful acupuncture clinic. When I took over the clinic two years ago, I was seeing about 15 patients a week. After a year of using B-School methods, I had grown the business to 35-40 patients a week. Most of these new patients came from my online presence. Before B-School, my biggest goal was just to be an acupuncturist and make enough money to pay the bills. Now, in just a few years, I’ve hit that goal and have even bigger goals for the future, expanding into a book and online courses to reach more people and change lives through the philosophies of Eastern medicine. If it weren’t for this course, I wouldn’t have been able to expand so quickly, or maybe even at all.

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