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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
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These B-Schoolers made their
dream business a reality.

Cyrissa Carlson

Cyrissa Carlson

Photographer & Business Coach


Less than 2 years after taking B-School, I have now launched four successful courses— each averaging $20k in sales per launch.

Less than two years after taking B-School {and adding a lot of hustle and heart}, I have now launched four successful courses – each averaging $20k in sales per launch!  This was a HUGE victory for me and moved me closer to my why. I love my husband and kids with all my heart and my end goal has always been to have more time with them. As a photographer however, I usually work 40-60 hours a week… including many nights and weekends. But, due to the success of these courses and the knowledge I learned in B-School, I have moved closer to my goal! You see, for every ONE course I sell, I bring in the same profit I would for TWO photo sessions… or an equivalent of 10-12 hours of my time.  As a result of that success, I am financially liberated and have the ability to take a six week sabbatical to be fully present with my husband and kids!  The reality of this literally moves me to tears, as I am so overwhelmed with gratitude!

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