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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
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Claire Hayes

Claire Hayes

Transformational EFT Tapping Practitioner & Author

Scotland, United Kingdom

Last year I doubled my income and this year I’m on course to double again. Doing B-School has been the foundation of everything!

Doing B-School has been the foundation of everything! I have learnt (and carried on re-learning) the core foundations of the way I do business – classy, caring, smart and effective.

Before B-School, I had some knowledge of online business, but B-School brought it all together in one clear package. Each year, my knowledge becomes deeper and yet there are still new surprises or insights. As I re-watch the material, I still get “a-ha” moments as what Marie teaches resonates in my experience.

Professionally I have gone through 3 “iterations” of my business and only in the last 18 months have I really settled into my passion. That feels totally OK, as online entrepreneurship is the biggest self development tool going! It has taken me time to dig deep and dare to offer the world the deepest part of me and trust that will work – and it has! Oh and I wrote a book too…

The first couple of years I made a loss. Then I started making a profit. Last year I doubled my income and this year I am on course to double that again. I have finally found my “sweet spot”! I have no doubt that I will hit 6 figures in the next couple of years. And that feels good 🙂

Personally, going on this B-School journey has been momentous. It has given me the framework for finally fulfilling my potential. I knew as soon as I learnt EFT that I could use it online, which is what I wanted, but it took the umbrella of B-School to give it form. It hasn’t been easy. I have had to dig deep and study and trust and do SO much emotional work – but it has been worthwhile. I now feel that my business is an authentic showcase of my deepest desires and gifts. For that, I am truly grateful.

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