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Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Buddhist Sex Therapist & Couples Psychologist

Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

Biggest win? Landing a publishing deal. Most meaningful win? I’m now HAPPY with my business and work.

I had excellent training and skills as a psychologist, sex therapist, and media personality, with great content that people wanted! But I had no idea how to reach my audience and deliver information and services as a successful business.

So what was blocking me?

1) Lack of knowledge about online marketing and product delivery.

2) Intimidated by online platforms and stuck on the “old school” platform of giving a free live talk to couples, then selling from the stage.

3) Thinking “I know people want this material, but I don’t really know how to reach a big audience without spending tens of thousands of dollars that I don’t have! How about I just keep seeing patients and don’t bother?”

Biggest wins? Yahoo!

1) Recorded and completed all the videos for my premium online course for couples – IT IS EPIC!!

2) Landed a publishing deal for my first book with New Harbinger!

3) Revamped and re-did my website as per Marie’s specific feedback during B-School to make it customer focused and build traffic.

4) Created and delivered weekly LoveBytes to my audience, growing my list from zero to 700 people (yes, that’s small but growing and those folks are highly motivated and excellent ICAs).

Most meaningful win? My days are now fascinating. I love writing and creating content to reach couples and help them thrive. I am curious, motivated, inspired, and HAPPY with my business and work.

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