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Celine Gabrielle

Celine Gabrielle

Lifestyle & Weight Loss Coach

Nova Scotia, Canada

I’ve grown my list, started my first virtual program and had 13 paying clients sign up. B-School helped me prove that a disability can't stop me.

Huge life changer. Kind of a long story, but here goes. When I first signed up for B-School back in 2013 I was running my beauty fitness and wellness spa, a brick and mortar business called Happy. I’ve been in that industry for 18 years and when I got to open my own business I called it Happy because that was my ultimate goal with everything I was doing. However, in a small town and providing hands on services was limiting – I wanted to go bigger to spread happiness to the global community. So I signed up for B-School and got to work. Three modules in, a full business, two small children and a whole bunch of overwhelm lead me to reach out to Team Forleo and sadly request a refund as the timing was just not right for me. I submitted my homework and a refund was issued no questions asked. From the parts of B-School I got to experience and the amazing understanding of the team I knew I’d be back.

A year later and my personal circumstances had changed due to a wrist disability. I was no longer able to work hands-on in my business which was a devastating blow. I LOVED what I was doing. The world was telling me something it was time to change directions. So I came running back to B-School and you guys welcomed me with open arms. Since B-School things have really started coming together for me, I published my first book called Baby Got Back, to establish myself and gain some credibility as a lifestyle and weight loss coach from moms. I’ve been building and rebuilding and rebuilding and rebuilding my website. I’ve been growing my list, did my first launch and three days ago I started my first virtual program AND I had 13 paying clients sign up! (My goal was 5–smashed it!) It can only get bigger and better from here. And thankful to B-School and all of the other B-Schoolers for showing up, leading by example and helping me prove to myself that a disability can’t stop me, in fact it’s making me show up and live in a much bigger way, sharing my love and knowledge of beauty fitness and wellness with mamas around the world.

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