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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Carrie Brummer

Carrie Brummer

Educator & Artist

Muscat, Oman

Since B-School, I’ve been interviewed and quoted all over the place. People ask me to review their books!

Two years ago I was promoted to be an assistant principal. I was stoked. I was living the dream. Not only was I living in a foreign country (I am American, was living in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai) and here was my chance to effect change in a community on a larger scale. While I loved being in my art classroom, I felt like my reach to help empower people was dwindling. I thought being an assistant principal would change that. It didn’t. Instead, the stress of the role was so intense I grew ill. As much as I loved the people I was working with, I feared I was going down the wrong path. I began to realize that my side project, Artist Think, may be that answer.

I’d been writing for Artist Think for several years at this point. I heard people could make money online, but I didn’t know how.

On a particularly difficult day at my job I looked at the principal and said, “Days like today I wish this was taken out of my hands.” I didn’t want to quit, but on that day I wished for a way out. Within 1-2 hours of making that statement my fiance called. He told me he was offered a job transfer to Oman. I realized then that Artist Think was my future.

We had a whirlwind 6-8 months. I began researching what it meant to run an online business. And that’s when I discovered B-School.

B-School completely empowered me. Now I get to teach on a much larger scale than I ever thought possible! I’m connecting with people all over the world and I can do it from anywhere.

My husband is Canadian and I’m American. His job affords us many benefits and opportunities, but it also meant sacrificing mine to move to Oman. No longer do we have this fear of choosing one’s career over the other. I can run my company as a location independent entrepreneur. As long as we have internet, I’m good to go!

Since B-School, people ask me to review their books, I’ve been interviewed and quoted all over the place. Most importantly, my introverted self knows how to put myself out there. Just recently an artist I discovered via NPR agreed to an interview with me; before B-School I would never have the nerve to reach out and ask.

My life feels full of exciting opportunity again and much of it is thanks to Marie Forleo and B-School.

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