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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Buyantogtokh Sukhbaatar

Buyantogtokh Sukhbaatar

Nutritionist, Coach & Author


When I first started B-School, I was a full-time mom with no income, no home, no furniture. Now I have my own business and buy everything with my own money. Our content reaches 1 million people in Mongolia. This is huge — the Mongolian population is only 3 million!

In 2016 I received a scholarship to B-School. When I first started the program, I had a Facebook page for my business, which I built slowly but consistently. Today, that page has almost 100,000 followers. Over the past few years, I became a certified holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, and naturopath. My husband and I started a vlog and our content reaches 1 million people in Mongolia. (This is a huge number for us, as the Mongolian population is only 3 million!). In September, I was named one of the 10 most positive social influencers in Mongolia and was invited to a number of TV shows and as a guest speaker for various events.

I launched my first online course in August 2019 and within 7 days 2,100 people bought our course. We were so thrilled that we couldn’t believe it at first. I used all the marketing methods taught in the B-School. We were crazy excited and crying for joy. The funniest thing is that I don’t have any skill or knowledge when it comes to technology. I just launched our online course through Facebook. It ‘s true that “Everything is Figureoutable” if you truly want it.

When I first started B-School, I was a full-time mom with no income, no home, no car and no furniture at all. But now I built my own business and bought everything with my income.

In October 2019, we started building our home and finished it a few days ago. Now we have an actual home for the first time after 6 years of marriage. I’m writing this post from our new home. We even bought a car and a new phone.

Most importantly (the best part is always at the end), I started my dream project to help nomadic girls who live in the countryside. Today, I officially organize the Nomads Family English speaking club in our village. It’s the first time in my country’s history and I’m planning to organize it in all the villages in Mongolia. I want to give nomadic girls the opportunity to express themselves in English and learn from the world even if they live in the countryside like me. This is my life-long dream that I have kept in my heart for so long. Now it is becoming a reality.

I wanna say to Marie Forleo and Team Forleo, thank you so so much for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to follow my dream. I can’t imagine my life without you and B-School. You have changed not only my life, but also these nomadic girls’ lives!

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