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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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These B-Schoolers made their
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Brett Blumenthal

Brett Blumenthal

Artist and Author

North Carolina, USA

I actually felt that I learned more practical, hands-on tools than when I received my MBA.

Before I did B-School I was frustrated that I was all over the place. I found it difficult to really feel comfortable with the fact that I had a commitment issue with my careers. Everything I did, I did well, but I never was happy. I was always looking for something better. A 5 year plan sounded like a death sentence, but I was brought up to be that person…to be someone who was stable, settled and financially independent.

I had heard of B-School about 4 years ago but at the time I wasn’t very open to it. I didn’t think I needed it having graduated with an MBA from an Ivy League school. But last year, I stumbled upon it again and took the leap to try it. It helped me in subtle, but impactful ways. I actually felt that I learned more practical, hands-on tools than when I received my MBA.

I was writing my 4th book and trying to start up an art business while in B-School. It was a challenge trying to juggle it all. But the program gave me the ability to see that I was not enjoying the path I was on and that I needed to really open up my mind to allow myself to explore something new. It gave me the ability to take a leap of faith towards something I was much more passionate about, and permission to let go a bit of what I felt I was stuck doing for the previous 5 years.

I finally allowed myself to be more than one thing, and accepted my crazy artistic self. I never let it out until after going through B-School. Marie and the program gave me permission to be who I was, and to not feel like I had to apologize for it. And, what’s really fantastic is I’m becoming more and more successful doing what I love.

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