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Annie Wright

Annie Wright

MFT & Psychotherapist

California, USA

In my first year, I grossed over $100,000 as a therapist intern. I can’t tell you how unusual this is!

I’m a psychotherapist in private practice in Berkeley, CA. I currently run a 6-figure practice where I work with teenage girls and Millennial women around issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and recovering from dysfunctional or abusive family backgrounds. My fees are $150/hour, I have about 28-35 clients at any time and often have a waitlist.

I built this thriving private practice in three years largely thanks to what I learned in B-School.

In Spring 2014 I took B-School for the first time and, in going through it, got exponentially clearer on my vision, marketing plan, website, and then threw massive amounts of action into building my psychotherapy business, all while working my full-time job. My presence online and in the community grew so much so that by January 2015 I was able to move to another private practice internship site where I was afforded more evening hours (e.g.: room to expand my clientele) and then grew that client load from 8-28 clients in less than 9 months.

In my first year running my business full-time, I grossed over $100,000 as a therapist intern. I can’t tell you how unusual this is! Using what I’ve learned in B-School and being relentlessly committed to taking massive action, I’ve since become fully licensed as a psychotherapist and have built a very successful psychotherapy private practice in the Bay Area — one of the most competitive psychotherapy markets in the world. This year I’m on track to gross over 160K and will be turning my attention to expanding my service offerings.

I credit B-School as a huge part of my small business success and absolutely love taking B-School year after year to further hone and refine my skills. I can’t thank you enough, Marie, for running such an incredible, rigorous, and effective program.

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