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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

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Here are some of our outstanding success stories.
These smart, hard-working B-Schoolers put in tremendous
time, energy, and sweat equity to create
their success.

Anne Marie Miller

Founder, Indigenous Celebration

Florida, USA

Even with my MBA, I found so much value in taking B-School. There’s just no other program that can take you from ground zero to a thriving entrepreneur.

I’m the founder of Indigenous Celebration and we currently work with 19 tribes in the Brazilian Amazon. I graduated with an MBA and I really hit the ground running in New York. 

By 23, I received Diplomatic Attaché status at the United Nations for the mission of Dominica for work I was doing related to bringing alternative energy to CARICOM. I ended up taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro where I met this indigenous woman named Putanny from the Yawanawá tribe. And I felt my life really taking a big shift. I just kept getting this inspiration for this concept of being able to connect these very strong women. We expanded to 17 tribes bringing me to a whole other level.

Marie Forleo thankfully came into my sphere I knew that I found someone that could help dust off the knowledge that I have and also teach me so much more. I used to have such a big block with marketing. I never really got into social media, but when I heard Marie say that marketing can be used as the ultimate form of empathy, I realized how powerful marketing can be. Not only did B-School remove my marketing block, but it showed me how to speak from the heart — to really spread the word.

Now we’re attracting new board members and new donors that I previously only dreamed of working with. 

Even with my MBA, I found so much value in taking B-School. There is just no other program that I have come across that can take you from ground zero to a thriving entrepreneur. 

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