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Marie Forleo’s B-School Reviews

They Did It.
So Can You.

These B-Schoolers made their
dream business a reality.

Amanda Greenthumb

Amanda Greenthumb

Certified Health Coach

British Columbia, Canada

Through taking B-School I’ve doubled my mailing list in 2 months, traffic to my website has increased 450%, and I changed my offerings to be able to make 400% more money in less time.

Before taking B-School I was blindly blogging and trying to get clients for my Health Coaching business. Throughout taking B-School I have created an opt-in on my website, which doubled my mailing list in 2 months, I changed my program offerings to be able to make 400% more money spending less time coaching, by focusing on group coaching instead of private. I created an 8-week group coaching program for busy, powerful women called Balanced and Beautiful. Using all of Marie’s techniques, I was able to launch and deliver the course with confidence. I revamped my website, and got published on elephant journal, so I was able to actually capture leads, and traffic to my website has increased 450%. I have surpassed my traffic goal I set for myself by the end of the year, in 4 months. I also learned so many list building techniques, my favourite so far has been webinars, just one webinar increased my email list by 150 people. I work for myself strategically, and am organized in every way, I have all my blog posts planned out for the rest of the year, saving me countless hours of scrambling to write blogs, I know which projects I want to launch, and what do to do launch them. I feel in control and with a plan and am thanking myself everyday for saying yes to B-School.

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