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Adrienne Patterson

Adrienne Patterson

Speech-Language Pathologist & Sign Language Instructor

Kentucky, USA

Within nine months of launching my online business, I surpassed my monthly income as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Before joining B-School, I wanted to be able to help people learn American Sign Language online. I had created a DVD series already, but I had no business experience at all. I didn’t know how to create a website, I didn’t know who to sell to, I didn’t even know what an email list was. I knew that people needed to learn American Sign Language to connect with their loved ones, but I had no idea where to start. I was feeling lost, discouraged, defeated, and overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start with my business, and I had no idea who to listen to for advice. I was asking myself these types of questions, “Who am I to start a business? Do I have to go to business school and get an MBA? Am I too young? What is my first step? If I did start a business, how would people even find out about my product?”

Within nine months of launching my online business, I surpassed my monthly income as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I couldn’t believe it!! I launched my Sign Language online class in February 2016, and I set a goal for myself to teach 100 students by the end of 2016. When I set the goal, I secretly thought that 100 students was waaaaay out of reach and would be difficult to achieve. It was a stretch and deep down I felt uncomfortable setting such a lofty goal for my first year in business.

At the beginning, it was sloooow going. There were only two students for several months, but then I shared my students’ testimonials, and people started sharing my website with their friends and enrolling in my class. By November 2016, I had MET MY GOAL of enrolling 100 students! Fast forward to now, I am so excited to share that I got a ping on my phone signaling that my 244th student enrolled in my online Sign Language class. I have students in 47 different states in the US, and also Canada,and France. Now, I am on a ROLL! I have created a new class for parents of toddlers to teach them how to talk, and I have enrolled and helped over 250 people worldwide so far with this new class.

Eeeeeek! I am so excited about my online business. I LOVE business strategy now, and I spend a lot of time learning. B-School has allowed me to stay home, use my time to record videos and help more people globally. I would never have been able to impact so many people without B-School. I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and granting me a scholarship in 2015. My life is forever changed in trajectory because of B-School and Marie’s wisdom. I have recommended B-School to so many friends in the past three years. My friends who have enrolled loved it too!

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