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Marie Forleo’s B-School

Don’t take it from us, listen to our grads! Each year, we have the honor of working with a vibrant global community of B-Schoolers and each year, we’re thrilled to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You’ll find (just a few) of our favorites below.

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Is Marie Forleo’s B-School really all that?

Ashley Pitman B-School Testimonial

"It’s business school for the 21st century. I learned more practical information about marketing in 8 weeks with B-School than in two years of a college business program."

Ashley Pitman

Patricia Young B-School Praise

"Without question or hesitation I would recommend B-School. Because the breadth and depth of this program was far better than the 1 year I spent in business school working on my MBA."

Patricia Young

Jamie Kanner B-School Praise

"You absolutely underpromised and overdelivered. The resources and the support tools were amazing. I especially liked that you shared personally the challenges and obstacles you had to overcome so we could get an inside glimpse that we aren't the only vulnerable ones when starting a new business."

Jamie Kanner

What if I don't feel confident I can make it happen?


"I'm more confident about the change I can make in this world. I no longer feel paralyzed about all the steps to create a business and a life of my own passionate making."

Aisha Eady


"Marie has helped me to see myself and my business as a blessing to my customers. That is a huge change! I went from "Who would want to buy anything from me?" to "I better get going because someone out there needs my help!" I went from afraid of selling to loving the idea of connecting with people who are in need of my services."

Amber Holmblad


"I am confident about investing in myself! I am confident about my future and the direction my life is heading. I've got some AHhhhmaaazing new friends from across the globe. I am ready to take risks that I didn't have the cajones for before!!"

Candice Aiken

How is B-School different from all those other online courses?


"It is the most solid, sexy and simple way to learn the IMPORTANT things there are to learn about building a business online. There's no one else out there doing it like this. And I would be surprised to see anyone do it better."

Amber McLean


"The education isn't just fluff. I'm so tired of 'workshops' that are sold for lots of money, and then they're basically YOU CAN DO IT over and over and over again. B-School was a dose of You Can Do It, paired with HOW to do it, and then topped with NOW DO IT."

Brooke Summer


"There is nothing like it. I've always been conflicted between my desire to fulfill my purpose and my desire to get paid (well) doing it. This is the only teaching/teacher I've ever found that ‘mixes’ business with purpose. Usually you get one or the other."

Rae Friis

My business is offline. Can B-School really help me?

“Since signing up for B-School, I have started to look at my business through a different lens and in more detail. I own a yoga studio and tended to look at my students from a yoga teacher perspective. Now I am also able to look at them as customers from a business owner's perspective. This is a good thing, though, because I was more focused on just what they needed as students in a yoga class, and now I can also see what they need as customers. It's pretty cool. I don't think I wanted to think of them as customers before.”

— dariece warren

“B-School isn't just for online business. So many of the concepts directly translate into brick and mortar, such as the perfect customer avatar—no one should open a retail biz without this! The amount of content they deliver is far exceeding the cost of B-School.”

— alisa mcpheron

“It works for ANY business!”

— marcie paige

“I think the biggest reservation I had was cost vs. value, since I had just gotten to know Marie Forleo via her weekly videos. I wasn't sure if the quality of the content would be worth the 2k or be relevant to my brick-and-mortar retail shop. But after seeing the videos Marie put out each week and an outline of what would be covered, I decided to splurge. It was a great value! ”

— heather-rolinksi

Will I be bored to tears? I want to make money, not learn a bunch of dry business stuff.


"I loved the quirky, super engaging videos. Until B-School, learning about how to run my business seemed paralyzing at worst, boring at best. Your humor, candor and wizardry made me excited and intrigued about a topic that has historically made my stomach turn."

Astrid Schmidt


"The material is excellent and the presentation is smart and sassy, which makes it fun! The whole message of B-School—branding yourself and being authentic in your business—is just wonderful. Marie makes business fun!"

Diane DeGiorgio (Cesa)


"Marie is so personable, so real, and so insightful. The videos are fun and funny, but you're learning every moment. This is the best way to learn."

Lisa Lai

Money is tight. Is Marie Forleo’s B-School really worth the investment?


"I was thinking of doing an MBA, which would have been more expensive and more time-consuming, and less practical and directly applicable to what I want to do."

Alyssa Burtt


"What I would say to others and I am saying to friends—honestly, if the price tag is worrying you, you will get 10x if not more than what you pay, not just in your business but your life. It's cheaper than running a business in a half-assed way, draining your energy and resources."

Zara Thompson


“The material is priceless and meets you wherever you are at in your business process. It pulls together so many intangible elements of creating, running, and growing a business. I simply cannot thank you enough. But I have to tell you—this program was far more intense than my doctoral program!!!! Woo!! And far more satisfying as well.”

Dr. Cathy Holway

I’m already successful. Is B-School just for beginners?


"I wasn't sure I'd learn anything new. I've been studying this marketing stuff for awhile...I even got my MBA and worked in marketing, so business and marketing are two areas I know a lot about. But the way you presented information and explained it was great. Gave me a whole new outlook and approach to my business."

Dinneen Diette


"I consider myself a highly accomplished business executive. I've had tremendous success in my career. I teach others how to succeed in business through my consulting and coaching. Yet I can say without hesitation that I learned more than I ever could've imagined in this course. The B-School approach is fresh and unique. It's progressive and creative. It's a new take on proven business concepts that pushes business owners to step out of the box and out of their own way. B-School is the real deal. I will and I have recommended it to others. Marie is the b-o-m-b."

Lisa Lai


“I'm really, really grateful that I signed up. It's radically changed my perspective and how I look at my business. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING that was in the course. It all blew my brain and it took me days and weeks to integrate each lesson. There were so many changes to make in my business because of it. I took the course because I wanted to move from 6 figures into 7 figures—and I feel really confident that I'll be able to do that now!!!”

Leonie Allan

I’m totally new to all of this. Will B-School be over my head?


"I started my business only a few weeks before I started B-School, so I was able to build my business with a full strategy in mind. Thanks to B-School I learned the structure of doing business online and I think that Marie saved me from making mistakes, losing money in the future and barking up the wrong marketing trees. I have friends who have started businesses without taking any classes and they wasted precious time because they didn't know what they were doing. I got a great head start, the support that I needed."

Angela Privin


"Since my biz is brand new, I didn't have much of a list to begin with. But now I have a kickass website, and I have people joining my list...and I don't even know them! Since starting B-School, my list has grown 15x!"

Leah Kiefer


"I started the RIGHT business for me instead of what I thought I should do."

Mary Ann Johnstone

Technology freaks me out. Will B-School help a technophobe?


"I've actually built my new website. I have NO tech/IT knowledge and I did it. I was so proud because I thought I hated everything IT, but I have to admit I've enjoyed it. I thought I would never be able to do something like that."

Alessandra Diagne


“WOW—I feel incredibly empowered and I know I'm going to see tremendous gains in my business once everything is implemented. I NEVER thought I would be able to build a website (I'm a technophobe), but it's almost ready to launch, and then I expect my classes (I teach trapeze) to be full full full!”

Laura Witwer


“I am not intimidated by technology as much and feel like I can take my business to the next step.”

Christa Barton

I really want to grow my list and reach more people. Can B-School help me with this?


"So far our list has increased by about 40%, which has been so exciting."

Kat Bouchard


"My list size has doubled."

Deborah Andersen


"My opt-in list has grown 700%."

Kimberly Gosney

Will B-School really help me turn my dream business into a reality?


"This class has helped tremendously by giving me a bridge between what I am passionate about and making a living from it."

Tricia Martin-Owen


"B-School really was the kick start that I needed to start my own business and I am immensely grateful. The change in my business is that it is actually a reality now, and not just a dream!"

Ainslie Young


"B-School gives you the nuts and bolts of how to take your business from dream to online, tangible reality."

Anita Avalos

I feel so isolated and alone sometimes. Does B-School offer community?


"I would've paid $2,000 just for the community alone."

Adrianne Munkacsy


"I've met some fantastic people in real life and online that I would never have met in such numbers were it not for is one of the best gatherings of like-minded, strong, and kickass women (and men) there is out there."

Lynn Crymble


"The integrity of people that enroll and are active within the groups is the BOMB."

Chris Alexandria

Is this all just a bunch of ideas or will B-School teach me how to take action and make things happen?


"I've taken action—not just talked about it, made lists of what I need to do, etc. I've actually done it. That feels good."

Amy Isaman


"I feel more motivated than ever, because I actually have a tangible action plan for the creation of a business and life that I love...I have an action plan to carry me through 2013 with a plan that will move me into 6 figures by the following year."

Candice Schutter


"Now I have a plan of what needs to be done. Before, I knew I could do it—start a business, do a website, etc. —but I had no idea where to start or what steps to really follow. With B-School, I've got a plan and clear objectives for things I need to do."

Cara Maclean

What if I feel overwhelmed and lost? Can Marie Forleo’s B-School help?


"I am much more confident, focused and creative than I have ever been. Having tools to focus my mind around my business freed up a part of my brain and allowed the creativity to come flowing back in spades."

Amanda Lindsey


"It is a great way to take all the million ideas and options and focus in on what you should actually be doing and why."

Jason Roy


"I just feel that all the pieces in my head have fallen into the right places. I see the future clearly and I know exactly what steps to take. I had come far with my business before B-School, but everything was by experimenting, because I really did not know what I was doing... lol. Taking B-School answered all my questions and helped me decide what to delete, what to delegate, and what to prioritize."

Christina Greve

Will I enjoy this online format?


"I thought it was very well organized. Some online programs feel like they are all over the place. I appreciate steps to follow in a logical order, and with specific actions to do with the corresponding activities."

Lisa Thompson


"I loved that each module was available in different forms: video, audio, transcripts, etc. Everyone learns differently."

Raquel Wilson Sow


"Convenience. By far this is the most important to me. The ability to listen to or see the videos, to download all the materials so I can access them when I'm in the frame of mind to get the most from them."

Alicia Rodriguez

What if I don’t have time for all this?


"The main thing I like about B-School is it is very much to the point. I'm a super busy person, doing this course 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there (it all adds up!!), so I absolutely appreciate how there is not a lot of ‘fluff’ and the videos and courses are not too long."

Stacey Smith


"B-School saved me hundreds of hours just getting my business started since I would have had to search and search for all the training that was packaged up so nicely in B-School. Everyone loves a one-stop shop and that's really what B-School was for me."

Karlie Moore


"I appreciated the simple interface used to access the materials. There was no fluff or garbage to wade through to get to the prize. Thank you for not wasting my time."

Val Criswell

I don’t have a business yet. Does B-School make sense for me?


"I started my business! And I started it off on the right foot. I saw so many others around me starting businesses without these foundations and they were floundering. Meanwhile, I was clear, deliberate, and conserved my resources."

Claudia Olivie


"I haven't yet launched the biz of my dreams, BUT B-School has had a HUGE part in changing me as a person and my outlook on business and life in general. I feel I have all the knowledge and resources I could possibly need at my fingertips. It was, and still is, a trigger for having changed so many things in life and biz. Even though I haven't launched my business yet and am still working it all out, what I have applied to 'the day job' has shown great results!"

Nathalie Kersten


"What's most surprised me about B-School is the lack of overwhelm that I actually feel (given how little I know and where I am in developing the business—which is admittedly not even really a business yet). I have a large to-do list in my head (which includes going back over details that I don't really understand yet) and normally this amount of work would make me crumble into a heap of despair—but the way it was presented makes it seem doable if I just put my head down and focus on specific steps. That's the biggest gift for me—the feeling that I can move forward into making all of this work as I develop the business, even though it doesn't exist anywhere except in my head right now."

Julie Apolinario

Is Marie Forleo’s B-School just a business program, or will it help me in my life?


"Yesterday my husband was looking over my new website and reading my articles and said to me, ‘This reminds me why I fell in love with you.’ What more can a girl want?"

Beth Ihle


"I definitely feel like I am 'living' my life now and not just participating."

Ainslie Young


"Taking control of my business with love and empowerment has inspired me to do the same in all parts of my life. Since last summer I've achieved all of my goals and then some. My husband and I are living with location freedom, and I finally have what I've been yearning for for years: time to write another book."

Sarah Selecky

OK, OK. What else do you have to tell me about B-School?


“B-School is a mix of MBA and personal coaching course, it pushes you and inspires you to get your life together. And it provides valuable tools while you’re at it.”

Adriana Mota


“I feel like everything got bumped up a notch. My thinking, my website, my newsletter, my rates! I am taking myself more seriously—and I am having so much more FUN in my business. I am genuinely excited about what I am creating, all on my own terms.”

Nicole Burley


“I have been given the tools to make my dreams happen. The power is in MY hands. And I have a tremendous support group to help me with that.”

Kathleen Prophet