Sarah Selecky

Best-Selling Author & Creator of Story Is A State Of Mind

You’re so over the “struggling artist” thing. World travel, passive income, and time with your husband...that’s your thing.

B-School Case Study

Find out how Sarah took control of her business and created a healthier, happier life.

Sarah, how did you feel before joining Marie Forleo’s B-School?

Burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, resentful, guilty, and hunted.

Why did you feel that way?

I was making just enough money from teaching writing, but I was exhausted all the time, and I had stopped working on my own writing so I could keep up with the teaching demands. I began to feel resentful of my students. Worse than that, I began to feel "hunted" by them just because they loved working with me. This was the worst feeling, the guilt, because I actually love teaching writing. I felt guilty about betraying my own work; I felt guilty about betraying my students.

How did B-School help you change your business and life?

B-School taught me how to run a business built on love and connection. I learned how to create a life and a business that must always respect my soul and creativity as well as the souls and creativity of my students.

What are some big wins that you produced after B-School?

Here are a few of my big “aha’s”:

  • You can't do this alone. Hire a team, and make sure they love what they do.
  • Say no to anything that doesn't light you up. Put everything else in your calendar, so it happens.
  • Sleep. Eat clean. Work out every day. Prioritize your mental and physical health.
  • Plan your year in advance.

Since launching my digital program in December 2012, I have converted my teaching into a 44K passive income stream. On top of that, I freed up my time and energy and have started writing again. This is huge. My husband and I now have the time, money, and freedom to travel. Since B-School 2011, we've lived in Whistler BC, Hawaii, and California. We've travelled to Mexico, Chicago, Florida, and Arizona, managing the business online everywhere we go. It's been a dream year.

The most unexpected change in my life since B-School is my health. Before, I wasn't sleeping well and even though I am a health-conscious vegan, I had gained weight that seemed impossible to lose.

How do you feel now?

Enchanted, free, empowered, grateful, calm, connected, and healthy.

Describe your life after B-School.

  • I've said “no” to parts of my business that weren't turning me on anymore, even though they were "successful" and I was good at organizing them.
  • Trading out "busy" obligations for calm, unplanned time has created space for insight and creativity.
  • I am writing my second book.
  • I am in the process of hiring a customer service specialist, and my rock star VA is moving into a chief of operations position, so she can make executive decisions for the business, freeing me up to write.
  • I write in the mornings, and have strict rules about unplugged time. Sundays are completely unplugged and I only go online from 12pm - 5pm.
  • When I was in B-School, I hadn't even taken the leap to hire a VA. Now I have a whole team working for a shared vision. This feels like magic, true magic.
  • I've pared down my 2013 offerings so I can focus and give my team lots of time and solid planning. Deep breaths! No. More. Crunching. To. Deadline.
  • The business is growing steadily, and this year I'm partnering with someone exciting (and famous!) for a big launch in the fall.
  • I have started sleeping again—no more insomnia. My relationship with my husband was always wonderful, but now it's truly potent. I work out every day now, and at 38, I am in the best shape of my life.

Marie's B-School is the real thing. It's not just about making money (although that's necessary to business, and part of it). It's a course about how to live and work with integrity. I am so grateful to have experienced Marie's authenticity and 24K gold heart.

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