Makenzie Chilton

Life Coach

In Her Own Words: Makenzie’s Review Of Marie Forleo’s B-School

B-School gives you the permission to follow your dreams and create that ideal career, that ideal life that you want for yourself. I had these ideas that I needed to save up a certain amount of money to work. B-School really gave me the allowance to start now. Everything else washed away and it's working out.

Before B-School, I felt overwhelmed. I felt trapped in a job just to make ends meet, to try and express my gift to the world. I was in this job that was weighing me down and wearing me down. B-School just gives you clarity and the skills to know what you need to build your business.

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Our Grads in Their Own Words

For years grads told us how B-School changed their lives, not just their businesses. We decided to document and share their experiences through this collection of interviews and videos.