Madeleine Lamou

Web Designer, Brand Stylist, & Digital Strategist

In Her Own Words: Madeleine’s Review Of Marie Forleo’s B-School

When I found out about B-School, I felt I needed to do it but of course I had a lot of doubts. I thought I should do this next year when I'm more prepared but then I heard Marie say you'll never be prepared enough so I just started. I think it's one of the best decisions in my life actually.

I started to feel different during the second half of the course. During the first half I still had doubts if I did the right thing or not. Then I realized that yes, it's exactly for me and within three months our business became profitable. We stopped living off our savings and started living off our business earnings.

Before B-School, I was confused and kind of confined and limited. I felt limited. I have some ground inside me that supports me and I know that even if I'm afraid now I can do this and I can find support. It's one of the best and one of most important things in my life. I feel it's kind of saved me somehow.

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