Dave Conrey

Founder of Fresh Rag

In His Own Words: Dave’s Review Of Marie Forleo’s B-School

I'm a veteran graphic designer/art director and I went into B-School thinking, "I want to do this but I don't know if I have the knowledge to share with these people. I feel like there are so many that are so much further ahead of me in this type of business."

Even if I wasn't the most experienced, I know more than a good portion of people below me. That whole ideology of when we're all climbing these ladders, we all take steps up the ladders, and then we help the people that are below us up the ladder with us. We may not be at the top but we can pull up people as we go.

Now I realize it took me a long time to get here but at least I'm here. You know, it's never too late, right? It’s never too late. At least I'm here.

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