Beth Picard

Founder of Great Graphics Designs

You’ve already found success, but finding a life-changing friendship would make it even sweeter.

B-School Case Study

Beth, how did you feel before joining Marie Forleo’s B-School?

Dissatisfied, frustrated, confused, unsure, and excited.

Why did you feel that way?

I knew I wanted to do more than just make and sell graphics. I was very frustrated because I was spending more and more time answering questions and emails from customers about how to use the graphics, almost the same amount of time I was spending making graphics. I wanted to do something else, still artistic, but was confused as to what that could be. I was excited at the possibility of moving forward with something new.

How did B-School help you change your business and life?

B-School changed everything! About halfway through B-School (due to Marie and her brilliant way of helping you figure out what you should be doing), I realized that I needed to be helping my graphics customers learn how to use their graphics in better ways and then help them further by showing them how to sell their handmade goods.

I also formed two amazing friendships—one with Tangela Ekhoff and one with Diane Rooney. Meeting Tangela at Marie’s live conference was without a doubt one of the best days of my life. We still talk everyday!

What are some big wins that you produced after B-School?

I started a membership site called My Friend Beth where I help people learn to use graphics, how to make things with them, and how to sell them on Etsy or on their own website. I have a private facebook page where creative people (mostly competitors) share their secrets, their resources, and are make fabulous friendships. I am the proudest of this—I never thought it could happen. I have more than tripled my monthly income and am well on my way this year to making six figures. That is a big win! Especially when I started B-School I was selling $5 - $9 graphics. Even though I was successful, this has taken everything to a new level.

How do you feel now?

Happy, less stressed, more creative, inspired, clear for my future endeavors, fulfilled, and blissful.

Describe your life after B-School.

I am less stressed because I am not floundering around trying things that don't work or aren't what I am supposed to be doing. I am not wasting time. I have a clear direction of what I should be doing and building on that foundation. I have more time to be creative and I spend less time chasing things that aren't important.

I am helping people fulfill their dreams and that brings me the greatest pleasure of all. One of my members even started making enough money doing the things I taught her, that she was able to quit a job she didn't like and concentrate on doing what she loves. I am so thankful to Marie and B-School for giving me the tools to change my business.

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