Amy Tan

Artist, Designer, & Personal Creative Director

You’ve got talent coming out of your ears. With a little clarity, you’d have success out the wazoo.

B-School Case Study

Amy, how did you feel before joining Marie Forleo’s B-School?

I was frustrated about how to market and reach my audience, uncertain about what steps I needed to take to make things happen, and confused about my offerings. I was also suffering from entrepreneurial loneliness.

Why did you feel that way?

B-School made me realize I was actually unclear about how I want my ideal business to work for me and what shape and form my business needed to take. Because I was unclear about my purpose, what I wanted to happen and how I made money, I couldn't put all my efforts into my business with passion and a clear conscience. I was also thinking very small because I didn't personally know many other successful business owners.

How did B-School help you change your business and life?

B-School gave me clarity. It showed me I should start the right business for me, and if I wasn't excited about it, I wouldn't work hard on it, and there would always be a part holding me back. It helped me pin-point not just how I wanted to do business but who I really wanted to serve and how to attract them with my branding, website, and identity design.

Beyond the course, the built-in community is magic. It has altered the way I think about success. Seeing those who have done this before me is unbelievably powerful and incredibly inspiring. Just being able to ask questions and get help on anything related to business within the community is priceless.

All in all, the clarity and foundational tools I learned in B-School about business and marketing as well as the incredible community available to me has been nothing short of life-changing.

What are some big wins that you produced after B-School?

My biggest win from B-School was knowing exactly how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me, allows me to work in my genius zone, and that reaches the people who need my help the most. I dropped the offerings that no longer worked for me and released an incredible amount of energy. I re-branded myself and re-designed my website after B-School and received some really really positive feedback on how I was so much clearer about who I serve and how I do this. From my Google Analytics, I can see that I am connecting with my audience more than before as they are spending a longer time browsing!

How do you feel now?

Clear, focused, excited, present, and authentic.

Describe your life after B-School.

I am so much clearer and focused about where I want to go and what the end product looks like. I am more excited about the prospect of working on my business than I ever was because now I know it's an authentic representation of my genius zone and how I serve best. I plan to take advantage of this momentum to push my business to the next level and finally meet my target income goals!

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