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Live Your Ideal Life

Do work that matters, in a way that’s custom-tailored to you. Yes, it is possible.
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Sarah Swanson

Founder of Sarah Swanson Skincare

“I was so self-limiting of my thoughts and what I could do and going through B-School and meeting other women and watching Marie and everything she has done gave me a confidence that I had never had before.”

Sarah Selecky

Best-Selling Author & Creator of Story Is A State Of Mind

“I was exhausted all the time and I had stopped working on my own writing so I could keep up with the teaching demands. B-School taught me how to run a business built on love and connection.”

Alexander Smith

Life Coach, Storyteller, & Clinical Social Worker

“Before B-School I felt really invisible and really afraid. I had a lot of determination and vision and I had a lot of trust and hope that I could actually make the difference that I wanted to make.”

Rebecca Halls

Founder of Hoopurbia

“I think the power of B-School is that it gave me the confidence to go for my dream and shape my dream in the way that I want to shape it.”

Tiffany Rothe

Founder of Tiffany Rothe Workouts

“I was just so incredibly blessed to be able to find Marie because she put me in order. B-School really gave me possibility. To get my act together. To help me put this plan together.”

April Bowles

Founder of Blacksburg Belle

“You know that friend who always says the right things, makes you feel better about yourself, and helps you fix all your problems? That's B-School.”

Satya Twena

Milliner & Designer

“I’m here to be happy and rich and feel good. It’s kind of what inspired me to do B-School in the beginning—I wanted this lifestyle to change.”

Nathalie Lussier

Digital Strategist & Founder of Nathalie Lussier Media

“Now I wake up with a sense of joy and inner trust that I'm on the right path, and I spend every day creating and connecting with amazing clients, partners, and friends.”

Lou Niestadt

Illustrator and Author

“It doesn't really matter what you do or what your profession is, you can take it to B-School or you can take B-School to your profession. You can just lay it over everything I think.”

Dr. Tonia Winchester

Naturopathic Doctor

“I really knew that I was ready to take my message and my gifts to a broader audience. But before B-School I didn't know how do that, how to approach that, what the options were or where to even start.”

Find Clarity & Take Action

You know you’re meant for more—if you could only get clear and get moving.
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Hayley Cattini

Founder of ADORE Birth

“Before I started B-School I did feel like I was really struggling with identity. I really don't recognize myself now. It's like I've become who I always was but didn't know.”

Madeleine Lamou

Web Designer, Brand Stylist, & Digital Strategist

“I had lots of doubts. Is my message important or not? Will anyone care about this? But now, I have the structure. I have actionable steps. I have the feeling that I can accomplish anything.”

Yiye Zhang

Intuitive Business Advisor

“Before I started my business, I had to be an accountant for about eight years. But I didn’t feel the spark in me. I was searching for something different.”

Makenzie Chilton

Life Coach

“B-School gives you the permission to follow your dreams and create that ideal career, that ideal life that you want. Just signing up puts that little kick that you need to get everything rolling.”

Jamie Dougherty

Food & Body Coach

“I'm no longer waiting to be discovered but am making it happen and hustling with heart. I feel freer, more alive than I ever have in my entire life.”

Mary Latham


“B-School taught me how to take advantage of every free moment of my time. It showed me that I can utilize what I have right in front of me at work to create what I need in order to be successful.”

Tynia Johnson-Anderson

Founder of Liberated Motherhood

“My brand is a lot more me and clearly identified and focused. I now have the courage to get out there and grab my blessings.”

Amy Tan

Artist, Designer, & Personal Creative Director

“B-School gave me clarity. It helped me pin-point not just how I wanted to do business but who I really wanted to serve and how to attract them with my branding, website, and identity design.”

Mari Miyoshi

Brain Integration Coach

“I feel like I am starting over in a way, where I am resetting my boundaries. Before the boundaries were on the clients’ terms. Now I feel like I am choosing my clients for my greatest strength.”

Laura Houssain

Health Coach

“Marie brought me inspiration and with that I think you can climb mountains. I know where I'm going. I never ever, ever, ever before in my life knew where I was going.”

Create Financial Success

Prosperity is your birthright. It’s time to increase your wealth and your happiness.
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Sarah Swanson

Founder of Sarah Swanson Skincare

“In one day I had over four hundred orders. I was in Paris on vacation having lunch in the Eiffel Tower drinking a glass of champagne while my business was still working very well.”

Tiffany Rothe

Founder of Tiffany Rothe Workouts

“Before B-School, I was thinking about all the stuff that I wanted to do and what I wanted to create in the future. After B-School, I was doing all of those things. I created what I wanted to create.”

Sarah Selecky

Best-Selling Author & Creator of Story Is A State Of Mind

“My husband and I now have the time, money, and freedom to travel. Since B-School, we've lived in Whistler BC, Hawaii, and California, managing the business online everywhere we go. It's been a dream year.”

Erin Brûlé

Business Manager of The Milky Way CA

“If you're willing to put the time in each week and get the work done and do the work and really, you know, get into it, at the end of that eight weeks you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

Sonia Ruyts

Owner & Founder of Stash

“I went through B-School about six months after opening Stash and sales went through the roof after I started implementing Marie-inspired changes. We had a six-figure year our first full year in business!”

Sarah Jenks

Founder of Live More. Weigh Less.

“I only do what feels good to me and have learned how to make money doing that. Growing my business is now about being creative and offering the best experience possible for my clients.”

Nathalie Lussier

Digital Strategist & Founder of Nathalie Lussier Media

“I grew my business to six figures and it's been on the upswing ever since, not to mention that my relationship with my man is amazing now—we recently got married.”

Mayi Carles

Artist & Founder of Life Is Messy Bootcamp

“Thanks to B-School I found Mayi. I tripled my mailing list, quadrupled my piggy bank, and helped angel invest in the beach house my hubby and I had always dreamed of.”

Start Your Next Chapter

It’s never too late to make a change, take a risk, and build a business and life you love.
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Jackie Harris

Founder of Working In Pyjamas Limited

“You look around and think, I’m not where I thought I’d be at 50. And then you do something and you have an epiphanous moment. For me, one of those things was to sign up for B-School.”

Dave Conrey

Founder of Fresh Rag

“When I look back at myself, the person I was, a year ago it’s just night and day really, especially my mindset. B-School changed the way I look at the world in general.”

Diane Rooney

Founder of Diane Rooney Designs

“I now have a life that I’m looking forward to, I have a vision of the future. I had no idea that what was actually about to transpire would change my life completely.”

Jessica Locke

Registered Dietician & Yoga Instructor

“I had a lot of thoughts and options running through my brain and was having a hard time sorting through and making a concrete plan.”

Maya Gaddie

Founder of This Is How To Tech

“Before B-School I was really worried and I was scattered. I was unfocused. I was doing this project, that project, kind of all over the place. And now, after B-School, I feel really serenely clear.”

Jeannine Chanin-Penn

Founder of xoJ9 Creative

“You can switch gears. You can learn things that might be really intimidating and scary. Before B-School, I was so intimidated by this online marketing world. After B-School, I feel really confident.”

Beth Picard & Tangela Ekhoff

Founder of Great Graphics Designs; Writer, Speaker, & Inspirational Instigator

“B-School has changed my life dramatically. I truly feel like that new beginning is here. I now value my gift as a speaker. Speaking is like second nature, and I never understood it was a valuable gift.” - Tangela Ekhoff

Rebecca Halls

Founder of Hoopurbia

“In the work that I do there's not a model to follow. At the point before I joined B-School, I was really just looking for some sort of road map that I could follow to be able to realize this vision.”

Tina L. Singleton

Founder of Chorus for Humanity

“Before B-School I felt depressed, angry, overwhelmed, and stuck. I’d lost what I felt was my dream job which threw me into an emotional tailspin.”

Win As A Parent & Entrepreneur

You can support your family and follow your dreams when you invest in yourself.
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Stasia Wimmer

Advice Columnist & Etiquette & International Protocol Expert

“I built this business during the most challenging years of my life. It doesn't matter what your story is you need to create your future story and B-School did that for me.”

Erin Brûlé

Business Manager of The Milky Way CA

“My business partner and I have young children at home. We really wanted an opportunity to be able to create something that would allow us to spend time with them but also reach the world in a bigger way.”

Dave Conrey

Founder of Fresh Rag

“What I learned through B-School was that we have more value then we give ourselves credit for. We tend to think small about ourselves. We tend to think that we are not worthy of a lot of things.”

Lou Niestadt

Illustrator & Author

“There are so many reasons why you shouldn't do something: because you're not worth it, because you don't have the money, because you don't have the time. Do it anyway.”

Tangela Ekhoff

Writer, Speaker, & Inspirational Instigator

“My husband is proud of me, my kids are proud of me, but most of all, I'm proud of myself for never giving up, no matter how bad it got. B-School truly changed my life.”

Jeannine Chanin-Penn

Founder of xoJ9 Creative

“I feel really fortunate that I have finally successfully designed this life for myself. I was sort of skirting around it before and now it's working and making money and it's all good.”

Hayley Cattini

Founder of ADORE Birth

“I think it really has made be a better person in general. I really feel like I've been a better wife and a better mother. I have something for myself now that lights me up.”

Reach Your Next Level

You’ve made progress and found success. But now you’re ready for more.
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Dr. Tonia Winchester

Naturopathic Doctor

“Before B-School, I was lost, confused, stuck, and fearful. Since B-School, I am more confident. I am taking steps every day to work towards my vision which is now months out instead of being lifetimes out.”

The B-School Community

A Group Of Grads Reunite

“The people in B-School are what really makes B-School. The teaching is phenomenal but it’s that community aspect that’s incredible.” - Carmel D'Arienzo

Reena Tory

Founder of Mantra Wild Adventures

“I was going into my second year of business and did not know what direction I needed to take to move my business forward. I needed something more than what I knew.”

Laura Houssain

Health Coach

“If you're considering changing your life and you've been feeling like there is something in you that wants to grow and expand then I would say, ‘Join B-School!’”

Danielle Diamond

Founder of Xen Strength Yoga

“I was always the creative person and shied away from business. B-School gave me the confidence to learn WordPress, MailChimp, and Twitter and other social media to promote my business.”

Arlene Delgado

Art Director, Makeup Artist, & Flower Bomber

“Before B-School I was struggling to figure out how to focus my time and energy into my multi-passionate career. I had big dreams and lofty goals but no clear direction on how to achieve them.”

Luisa Kerdel Blatnik

Owner of Sprout Your Health

“I was worried that my concept was too ambitious and was questioning my ability to pull it off.”

Samantha Leith

Founder of The Entrepreneurial Diva

“B-School really helped me feel like I was enough. I knew enough and I was good enough at what I did to really help people with their businesses. I didn't need to keep playing it ‘safe.’”

Maya Gaddie

Founder of This Is How To Tech

“You don't realize you're going to be getting all of this life information in addition to the B-School information. I feel like it is the ultimate personal development and business development all in one.”

Beth Picard

Founder of Great Graphics Designs

“I have more than tripled my monthly income and am well on my way this year to making 6 figures. Even though I was successful, this has taken everything to a new level.”