Bring Your Dream Business To Life

Learn to run a profitable, values-driven business and profoundly change the quality of your life.

Bring Your Dream Business To Life

Learn to run a profitable, values-driven business and profoundly change the quality of your life.

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Take Charge of Your Success

Tired of feeling like this?

“I have a billion ideas but nothing ever gets done.”

“All I’m doing is posting and influencing and not making any real money.” 

“I love what I do, but I don’t love the financial strife. I know in my heart I can make my business profitable, I just need to know how.”

“I’m like a deer in the headlights. I have no idea what to do or where to start.”

“I’m unfulfilled and know there’s more for me.”

“All I’m doing is posting and influencing and not making any real money.” 

And you want this...

“My life is almost unrecognizable. I have fun every day and get to work on dream projects that fill my heart.”

“Now I take my kids to school, do what I love and make money I only dreamed about before.”

“I bought a Mercedes for my husband, a house for my son and land to retire on. I’ll be making over a million a year by the time I’m 43.”

“I’ve doubled my income in two years. At 57 I feel in control of my life, my finances and my future.”

Then B-School is for you.

Fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save years of expensive trial and error.

Building a values-driven business is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can take. Our world will improve — socially, politically, economically, and environmentally — when more small businesses are built and run by people like you.

Here’s What You’ll Get In B-School

Whether you’re turning a part-time gig into a full-time business, taking an existing company to new heights, or just starting out, B-School can help. This 6-week online program provides the elements vital to modern business success.

Peace of mind that you’re getting the right things done, in the right order.
Uplevel your ability to communicate, sell, and serve so you can stay profitable and purposeful in any economy.
A distraction-free learning environment to maximize growth and results.

Here’s What You’ll Learn To Grow Your Business

B-School has 6 Modules designed to give you exactly what you need to start and scale your business online — without all the noise of everything you don’t.
Module 1

Profit Plan

Every remarkable business is built on a strong foundation. 
Clarify your business vision, set growth goals, harness your unique strengths, and articulate your bigger mission. 

In This Module You'll:

  • Understand your numbers so you can focus on what generates the most profit and joy
  • ​Get crystal clear on how your business makes the most money so you can stop wasting time on unprofitable revenue streams
  • Intentionally position yourself and your pricing in the marketplace
  • Virtually eliminate your competition (Hint: it has nothing to do with trying to be like other businesses)
  • ​Learn why “define your target market” can actually be BAD advice — and what to focus on instead to generate a flood of sales and raving fans
  • ​Integrate your bigger “why” into your business for greater meaning and impact
By the end of Module 1 you’ll have a clear plan to achieve your vision — so that when your life or goals change, so can your business.


  23 sample Customer Interview Questions

  3 strategies to uncover your "Unique awesomeness proposition"

  develop your core brand story




‟My business has taken off. The first two years I was scraping to make $3-4K per month. Last year we made over $350,000."

Before B-School I had this high level idea of who I wanted to serve, but until I did the exercises in Module 1 I hadn’t thought about it in any sort of specific way. B-School helped me figure out exactly who my people were and how I could help them.

Thanks to the process I learned, I started gathering feedback from old students and their parents and realized, “OMG! I am sitting on a gold mine.” That’s when my business took off.

In just two years we hit $250,000. And in 2020 we passed $350,000. We were able to hire more teachers. We have a full staff, with students all over the world.

Founder of Sanskar Teaching
Module 2

Irresistible Offers

Craft high-converting offers that create a flood of sales and raving fans.
Learn how to position your offerings and set your prices to maximize wealth, joy, and success.

In This Module You'll:

  • ​Elevate your brand to build trust and skyrocket sales — on any budget
  • ​Implement the “Before, During, After” strategy to turn visitors into raving fans
  • Avoid creative cul-de-sacs (aka time and money sucks) that almost everyone falls into 
  • ​Get a simple, no-fail formula to knowing exactly what your customers most want
  • ​Practice the art of “pruning” and learn how ending virtually every profitable offering I had lead to explosive, 10X growth
  • ​Discover 3 factors that control how much you can charge (they’re not what you think!)
By the end of this Module you'll know how to expertly price, position, and deliver your products and services.

  7-Step Checklist For High-Converting Offers

   The "Goof-Proof" Social Proof Template

   deep dive survey Template

  Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

  Bonus TRAINING: Do’s & Don’ts for Blockbuster Digital Courses

“I doubled my income in March and tripled it in April. By October I had my first $10,000 month. To put that into perspective, the January before B-School my income was $200.”

Before B-School I was trying to sell to big companies, as well as solopreneurs, and I felt totally lost. Altogether, it was probably 100 things. I offered to do everything I had ever done. I knew my website sucked, and I knew I had to scale to ever make money beyond my hourly rate, but doing those things seemed light years away.

Thanks to B-School I now have a 6-figure business with an office overlooking downtown. Last year I started a scholarship to give another entrepreneur a leg up. I am more confident and understand what my purpose is. My business feels like freedom!
The Expert's Ghostwriter & Author
Module 3

Marketing Mastery

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any sustainable business.
Integrate timeless tools of authentic influence and inspire customers to buy now — in a way that’s full of integrity.  

In This Module You'll:

  • ​Write head-turning headlines, blog post titles, and social media updates that increase engagement and sales
  • ​Discover why customer procrastination can ruin your business if left unchecked and what to do about it. 
  • ​Understand the importance of risk-reversal and how to use it to increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • ​​Navigate the overwhelming world of online marketing and choose only the most effective strategies that fully align with your values
  • ​​Learn the 5 disciplines of modern marketing and how to make sure you’re constantly improving your skills and seeing the rewards
By the end of this Module, you’ll understand the real psychology of sales. Once you've nailed this, it doesn’t matter how technology or platforms change, you’ll thrive!


  Money-Back Guarantee Template 



  6 headline formulas from my personal swipe file

‟I produced and launched my own yoga DVD, an online teacher training, and a 28-day wellness program. I tripled my list and grew my business to over 6 figures.”

I’ve always been a creative person and shied away from the actual “business” side of things. I wanted nothing to do with numbers and projections, marketing and funnels. 

B-School gave me the confidence to learn and grow and increase sales. I learned how crucial marketing is when developing a product.

While going through the course I produced and launched my own yoga DVD, tripled my list during the launch, and gained a ton of confidence to contact big fitness outlets to carry my DVD. It wound up in the biggest fitness video catalog as a “staff favorite,” and now all my videos are available to stream on the two biggest yoga sites online.

I’ve continued to go back to the lessons and years later have launched an online yoga teacher training, a 28-day mind/body wellness program and a nutrition line. I would NEVER have been able to do this without all of the tools Marie taught me. She is a business genius.
Xen Strength Yoga
New Jersey, USA
Module 4

Free Content Strategy

Content marketing is a must, but it doesn’t have to be a burden.
Streamline your content creation so you can produce more of the right content in less time, drive more sales, and send the perfect ratio of free vs. promotional content. 

In This Module You'll:

  • Learn the true purpose of free content and how it serves your profit plan (ignore this and you’ll quickly get overwhelmed trying to become a media company!)
  • ​Generate at least 6 months worth of sales-boosting content ideas in one sitting
  • ​Choose the best strategy and format that plays to your strengths 
  • ​Master the elements of high-quality, high-converting content 
  • Use ​“The Magazine Rule” to save time and stress by repurposing your content on different platforms 
  • ​Get tools, strategies and best practices to stay consistent and reap the big rewards that come from executing the right content strategy
  • ​Learn the 5 keys for any effective email — this checklist can supercharge your results 
By the end of this Module you'll have executed a simple and effective content strategy that grows your business — without burning you out.

  the 5-letter formula that helps you generate a year’s worth of fresh ideas

  the ULTIMATE Opt-in offer checklist

   Grab-And-Go NEWSLETTER Template 

  email broadcast BREAKDOWN (from inside OUR COMPANY vault!)


‟I was discovered by a Today Show producer, which led to 12 appearances on the show.”

I didn’t know what marketing really was. I didn’t have a mailing list. I didn’t have an online business. I barely had an offline one. I didn’t know where to begin. How was I supposed to get clients? How could I even begin to build an email list? How could I ever cut through the noise? Why would anyone ever take me seriously as a love expert?

At the start of B-School, I had 11 people on my mailing list, all of whom I personally knew. When I started creating opt-ins and strangers started discovering me, I was shocked! I remember when I reached the point where I had over 100 people on my e-mail list who I didn’t know, I knew it was working. I knew I could do this online entrepreneurship thing.

I went from 11 people on my email list to over 3,000. I started making online advice videos, and was discovered by a Today Show producer, which has led to 12 appearances as a love expert on the show. I went from having a wannabe business to an actual growing business that supports me full time. I have real clarity now on who I want to serve, how to reach those people and how to help them transform their love lives. The sky’s the limit in terms of how much I can grow.
Love Expert
California, USA
Module 5

Traffic & Audience Growth

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable business strategies out there, but most entrepreneurs do it wrong — if they do it at all.
Radically increase sales, keep a steady stream of traffic and warm leads coming to your site, and use the power of parallel audiences to elevate your brand. 

In This Module You'll:

  • ​Stop stressing about "more traffic" and understand what you really need to boost sales
  • ​Generate a list of 50 places your ideal customers hang out — both online and off — so you can be efficient with your list-building efforts
  • ​Harness the power of Marathons and Sprints to see massive spikes in your list
  • ​Discover the power of parallel audiences and how thinking more broadly can help you tap into ideas none of your competitors are using
  • ​Adopt a winning mindset that’ll make list-building as joyful and profitable as possible
  • ​Connect with influencers to leapfrog your way to the top 
By the end of this Module you'll have a punch list of strategies to exponentially grow your audience.

  my personal playbook of 7 powerful list-building strategies


  the "Dos & Don’ts checklist" of Win-Win Relationships  


‟B-School changed everything. I now have over 13,000 subscribers with an open rate of 45%. I’ve made close to $200,000. I owe my success to Marie's training.”

When I signed up for B-School I had a list of a little over 500 women. I had been in business for over 3 years and made around $12,000. I considered it more of a hobby than a real career. 

Then, I took B-School and it changed everything. I now have over 13,000 subscribers with an open rate of 45%. I’ve made close to $200,000. I have six children under the age of 16 so if I can do B-School as a busy mom – anyone can! I go back to B-School over and over and I know I owe my success to Marie’s training.
Sally Smith
Love Over Addiction
Florida, USA
Module 6

Choose Marketing-Smart Technology

A pretty site isn’t enough — your site must convert.
Make sure your website is set up to build trust, convert leads and make sales 24/7. 

In This Module You'll:

  • Choose the right platform for your industry and budget
  • ​Get step-by-step tactics to optimize your leads and conversions
  • ​Get unstuck if you’ve already spent money on a site you don’t like
  • ​Understand the anatomy of a high-converting website, including page layouts, image files, header placement, and more
  • ​Avoid costly disasters with programmers and designers
  • ​Remove popular features that often sabotage sales
  • ​Plan for the future, so you stay confident and in control of your tech every step of the way
  • ​Set, measure, and track your website against your unique business goals 
By the end of this Module you'll know how to make the best tech decisions for you —based on your needs, budget and skill level. 

  CHECKLIST: How to Hire a Web Pro 


  25+ Free B-School Approved WordPress Designs

  25+ Must-Have Plugins for Your Site


  My Personal Shortlist of cost-effective website platforms & products 

"After B-School I had my first £100,000 week and have since had a couple of £100,000 days. Before, I was floundering and rudderless. Now I have a blueprint to follow and I'm more productive and effective than ever."

Accountant & Online Cashbook
United Kingdom

Get Started Now

Choose The B-School Plan That Works Best For You
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$2499 USD


You’re protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Enroll Today and Get $4,781 in Business Training Programs and Masterclasses — Free!

Start The Right Business

Struggling to figure out which business to start? Maybe you have too many ideas to choose from or aren’t sure your idea will work. If you’re drowning in confusion, this program will help you find clarity so you can finally start the right business for you.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

"This. Has. Been. LIFE-CHANGING. Seriously, I missed ALL of this when I started out and am oh-so-grateful to be getting it now!! I found it to be EXTREMELY valuable, even though I’ve been in business for 15 years.”


The Follow-Through Formula

Stop the madness of a dozen half-finished projects. With the help of The Follow-Through Formula you’ll learn the exact strategies to get more done than you ever thought possible. Get instant access to this productivity course as soon as you register.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

“HANDS DOWN the most helpful productivity course I have EVER taken. I feel like I have more planned in the last 15 minutes than I have in the last 6 months.”

— Danielle Fryer

Getting Started With WordPress, Squarespace & Shopify

Take back control of your website once and for all. These comprehensive nuts-and-bolts trainings will walk you through how to set up your own professional, easy-to-update website. We’ve hand-selected the 3 most popular platforms so you can choose the perfect software for your business.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

“Thank you so much for this training. After months of trying to figure out Squarespace I’m proud to say I launched my website today in 30 minutes. And I just got two clients! I’m freaking out!”

— Lebo Mohlala

Smart Marketing For Product-Based Businesses

While our marketing strategies apply to all businesses, selling physical goods has some unique challenges. Throughout B-School, you’ll get specific Fun Sheets (growth assignments), for product-based business owners.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

All About Opt-Ins

Opt-in forms can feel like a tech mystery. How do you get the form to show up on your website? Once someone opts in, how do they actually receive that PDF download or video you promised? Learn the ins and outs of opt-ins and how they function in this easy-to-digest technical training.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

PR Strategies To Make You A Business Celebrity

Getting blogs, magazines, and TV shows to highlight your business can create an avalanche of sales. Learn 5 things you must have before pitching a media outlet, get the ultimate “cheat sheet” to finding media dying to interview you, and learn how to deliver interviews that will have the media drooling over your every word.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

How To Grow From Six to Seven Figures

Do you dream of running a $1 million+ business? Making an exponential leap in revenue requires new beliefs and habits. In this closed-door training, I share some of the key psychological and behavioral changes I had to make to lead my company to new heights.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site For Search

Learn how to make sure your website can be found on Google with these simple and effective SEO strategies. Set up your sitemap, research relevant keywords, and understand how to use meta and title tags. This step-by-step tutorial will set the foundation to make your website SEO smart from the start.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

How To Get Fantastic Testimonials

Customers want to see real success stories before they buy. Do you have amazing testimonials to reassure them? Learn a proven, step-by-step system to get incredible testimonials — no matter what you sell.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

How to Make Standard Operating Procedures For Your Business

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are the step-by-step instructions for everything that needs to happen in your business. In this training, you’ll learn exactly how to streamline your systems — with checklists! — so you can get work off your plate and focus on the big picture.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

5 Money Mistakes That Keep Entrepreneurs From Creating Wealth

Don’t let your fears about money hold you back. Even if you don’t believe in an “abundance mindset,” your beliefs about money will impact your behaviors and, ultimately, your bank account. Learn five timeless principles that will help you create healthier financial habits — both in your business and your life.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

Tactical Tips For Public Speaking, Videos, Media Interviews & More

Whether you want to turn public speaking into a career, start a YouTube channel, or just speak more confidently during interviews, this training will help you communicate your message powerfully, while bringing out the best in YOU.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

From Burnout to Burning Passion: How to Re-Energize and Refocus When You’re Feeling Spent

Building your dream business takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to burn you out. Learn how to slash your to do list, reframe your obligations, and create a personal vision of success so you stay energized by your business long-term.
  FREE — Included with B-School!

Strategies for Unstoppable Success

Learn how to redefine success on your terms and create a clear vision for your future — from your business to your relationships to your finances. You’ll also learn how to drop excuses that hold you back and discover how you can become an unstoppable force for good. 
  FREE — Included with B-School!

We’re with you the whole way.

When you enroll in B-School you’ll also get to work with and learn directly from our Business Mentor Coaches and Masterclass teachers. These are professional entrepreneurs with expertise in website design and development, copywriting, e-commerce, product launches, business growth and development, podcasting and so much more. 

Join group Office Hours every Thursday for the 6-week duration of the program. 

These professional coaches will provide guidance and coaching throughout the live program, answer common questions about the course material, and help you stay focused on growth.

Group Office Hours Sessions

Join our B-School Mentor Coaches for group Office Hours every Thursday for the 6-week duration of the program. These professional coaches — all successful business owners themselves — will answer common questions about the course material to help you stay focused on growth.

Group Office Hours Sessions

Join our B-School Mentor Coaches for group Office Hours every Thursday for the 6-week duration of the program. These professional coaches — all successful business owners themselves — will answer common questions about the course material to help you stay focused on growth.

Here’s The Timing Of The Program

Registration for the 2022 class is open until [DATE] 7pm EST on March 3rd, 2022.

The live program is 6 weeks and runs from

Monday, March 7th, 2022 through Friday, April 15th, 2022.
Graduation Bonuses will be released beginning in late April 2022.

Once the initial 6 weeks are complete and all content has been released, you’ll be able to access the entire library of training materials and can review as often as you like.

Everything Is Online. Learn At Your Own Pace.

B-School is based 100% online so you can participate anywhere, anytime, in sweatpants or a 3-piece-suit.
Go through the material each week as it’s released, or slow things down and work on your own schedule.

You’re Protected With Our
100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This program has the power to profoundly change your life.

If by 5pm Eastern U.S. time on Sunday, March 20, 2022 you don’t feel it’s the right fit, submit your completed coursework and we’ll issue you a full refund. The reason we ask for your completed coursework is simple: if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. Please note that refund eligibility has a firm deadline and also applies to payment plans, which means you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline of March 20th has passed.

Let’s Sum It Up —

Here's Everything Included In Your Tuition
This is an honest, good faith estimate since you can’t purchase these components of B-School separately.

The Core Six Pillars B-School Training

This six Module system has taken over 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn, distill, refine, and package for you in an easy-to-follow format that gets results. This includes transcripts, streaming videos, MP3s, and action guides.
($10,000 value)

Bonus Done-For-You Swipe Files, Resource Lists & Templates

If you’ve ever hired a copywriter or business consultant to create done-for-you materials, or spent hours looking for the right resources, then you know how valuable this is.
($1,000 value)

Dedicated Business Coaches

Get guidance and encouragement from professional coaches — all successful business owners themselves — to move past stuck points, keep growing, and create results.
($5,000 value)

Bonus B-School Masterclasses & Advanced Trainings

Our bonus courses and masterclasses are taught by professionals who don’t offer one-on-one coaching. Get exclusive, hands-on education from the best in their field.
($4,781 value)
Total B-School Value $20,781

Total B-School Investment Only $2,499

Get Started Now

Choose The B-School Plan That Works Best For You
12 monthly payments

$239 USD

One Payment of

$2499 USD


You’re protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Refund eligibility through 5pm Eastern U.S. time on [DATE].

B-School Has Created Time & Financial Freedom For Nearly 80,000 Entrepreneurs

They did it and so can you. 

“My business started with no revenue and one year later I was making nearly $15,000 a month. Now, I'm able to work from home and control my own schedule which is particularly valuable since I have a 5 month old and an 8 year old.”
Tiffany Rothe
Founder, TRFC
California, USA & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
“I transformed a struggling flower farm into a globally recognized brand. I grew a 25,000 person mailing list, sold out 26 workshops, landed a book deal, launched a product line, and brought my husband home from his 9-5.”
Erin Benzakein
Floret Flower Farm
Washington, USA
“I went from poverty-level income to six figures. I went from begging for clients to a six-month waitlist.”
In the beauty world, you just pass out cards at Target or hope you can get some referrals at church or with a group of soccer moms. Before B-School...I was passing out flyers door to door. I was trying a million different business ideas, jumping from salon to salon. I was so desperate that I worked for a salon making only minimum wage to help pay the bills. I was doing weddings although I actually hated doing it. All the financial pressure was on my husband to provide for our family. 

In the first 2 weeks of B-School, I had already made back my initial investment! 

I went from poverty-level income to six figures. From $14,000 to $95,000. Then $155,000 the next year. I trended towards $200,000 the year after that. I went from begging for clients to having a six-month waitlist. This has afforded me to build a bigger brand and branch out into online courses and passive income. 

I opened the first curls-only salon in all of Oregon and was just featured on our local news channel. They called me Oregon's Queen of Curls!

I just taught my first class to other stylists and had people come from Indiana, West Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Nevada and Washington. They literally flew here to take my class. 

I hired my first employee and now her life has drastically changed as a result. I have a full time assistant and my husband paints full-time as a career now and has an art studio inside my salon so we get to spend all day together. 

My entire life has changed. Like, pinch me. Everyone congratulates me on all the success and when they ask me what made the shift... I always say B-School. 

What’s changed the most is now I live in abundance vs. lack. If a car breaks down, I just take it to the shop. If a friend is in need, I can donate time and money to help. I never worry about simple things like groceries and gas. I am not fearful of being stuck or hopeless. I’m eternally grateful. B-School changed the course of my life.
Atoya Bass
The Curly Hair Studio
Portland, Oregon, USA
"I now have a multiple 7-figure business. I have 12 employees in 5 cities, and a bestselling book. I've taught Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award winners, some of whom have even been interviewed on MarieTV! "
Before B-School, I was working 60, 70, sometimes 80 hours a week. I remember crying when I got my first tax bill. I was like, "How do I owe the government more money than I have in my bank account?"

I now have a multiple seven-figure business. I have 12 employees in five cities, and a bestselling book. I've taught Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award winners, some people who've been interviewed on MarieTV! 

Thanks to B-School, I created the world's first online meditation training and have now taught over 20,000 people to meditate. This was before Oprah, before Chopra and Headspace. Because of the online revenue from the course, I have a brick and mortar studio here in New York City. B-School gave me a rock-solid foundation and showed me it was possible.
emily fletcher
Founder of Ziva Meditation
New York, USA
‟In four short years my business grew from $50,000 per year to $2 million per year in revenue!”
Founder & CEO, Inner Fire Apparel

“In five years we generated over $1.2 million. I now have a team of 10. Our work has been featured in books and I've spoken in front of 3,000 people. I've had so many pinch-me moments since joining B-School.”

Joana Galvao
GiF Design Studios

“I didn't think of myself as an entrepreneur, but now I'm running a 7-figure rafting business that's only open four months of the year.”

Carmen Narancsik
Glacier Raft Company
Golden, BC

“After B-School, I was featured on VH1, booked two national speaking engagements and was named a Top 40 under 40 attorney in North Carolina.”

Ticora Davis
Charlotte, NC, USA

“My husband used to give me pocket money. Now my business makes $15-$20k per month.”

Deepshikha Sairam
Lead Generation Expert
New Jersey, USA

“B-School changed my life. Before, my business had never made more than $5k a month. The first month I implemented the practices from B-School it jumped to $15,000. I now regularly do 10x that, much of it due to Marie.”

Adda Birnir
CEO Skillcrush
New York, NY, USA

“Before B-School, I felt like my dreams were too big for me. Three years later and we're on track to hit half a million in revenue.”

Bryce Eldridge
Creative Director & Marketer, Knowledge House
Ohio, USA
‟I tripled my mailing list, quadrupled my piggy bank, and helped angel invest the beach house hubby and I had always dreamed of. I think it's finally beginning to sink in: This is really happening. This is no fairy tale, this is my life.”
Artist & Best Selling Author
Panama City, Panama
“During B-School I started making sales online. It was the only income we had because organic sales dropped completely due to the pandemic. Then I pivoted to a 1 for 1 program — 1 donated for every 1 sold. We finished April 2020 with sales higher than 2018 and 2019. I kept all my employees working during quarantine, and even brought on subcontractors to keep up with the volume. B-School helped me focus, get creative, and stay motivated.”
Molly Goodall
Modern Heirloom Clothing for Children
Texas, USA

Endorsements from Respected Leaders

“She’s the thought leader for the next generation.”
“Marie Forleo—always the first to jump in and champion other women—is an inspiration to me.”
“Marie breaks down complex problems so they are easy to solve.”
You've Probably Seen us on

What Sets B-School Apart?


A Focused Environment

The internet is full of noise and distraction, but not B-School. There are no social media challenges or obligations. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, we’ve designed our program to help you build cognitive focus and creative stamina to get results.


Tested, Proven Results

13 years, over 66,500 students from 650+ industries worldwide. There’s a reason we’re the gold standard in this industry. Our strategies work across an enormous range of businesses and with entrepreneurs at virtually every stage of their journey.


Learn From The Best

Train with someone who’s built and run a profitable online business for over 20 years. What you’ll learn in B-School is based on experience, not theory.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If by 5pm Eastern U.S. time on [DATE] you don’t feel it’s the right fit, submit your completed coursework and we’ll issue you a full refund. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

B-School is right for you if you...

  • Identify as a “self-starter.” You know you can do this, you just need the guidance and tools to get there.
  • ​Want a distraction-free environment that prioritizes action and results.
  • ​Are an independent learner who doesn’t need a lot of handholding to get things done.
  • Trust yourself to experiment and learn by doing.
  • ​Know in your bones that everything is figureoutable.
  • ​Are ready to take control of your finances, your schedule, and your future.
  • ​Believe that focus, discipline, and hard work are the keys to business success.

B-School is NOT right if you...

  • Prefer 1:1 coaching.
  • ​Want advice on legal, tax structures, raising VC funding, manufacturing, or distribution (we intentionally do not cover these topics).
  • ​Are looking for a “plug and play” system to make money online. Our program requires creativity, risk, discernment, and hard work over time.
  • ​Need individualized feedback before taking action.
  • ​Let small decisions keep you stuck rather than dive in, get messy, and do the work.


I’m new and don’t have a business yet — will B-School work for me?

Yes! We’ve had many students come into the program with nothing but an idea — or no idea at all — and leave with a profitable new venture. To be clear, building a profitable business isn’t a 6-week, linear event. Our most successful beginners have taken anywhere from several months to several years to bring their business visions to life. It all depends on how fast you digest the material and move forward. But you’ll never get there unless you get started.
“I’m thrilled to share that my product is now a reality. I have 20 real life testers about to receive 8 Breakfast Cure bundles, and 2 bonus packets! Now my business is real and my heart is more filled with gratitude with each beat.”
Karen Taylor

I have a successful business already. Can B-School still help me?

B-Schoolers who enroll with pre-existing businesses or extensive business education often tell us their favorite thing about B-School is that it gives them a clear, practical, actionable, and repeatable system that works.

Even if you’ve studied business for years, following B-School’s market-tested roadmap can save thousands of dollars on “supposed-tos” that don’t actually move the needle, and the months (or years) of trial and error it takes to figure it out on your own. B-School isn’t a business theory, it’s a business blueprint.
“The MBA I earned many years ago, didn’t come close to preparing me with the practical knowledge I needed to be successful in business, like B-school has. I learned so much more about business than during six years of business school.”
LIsa Abbott

My industry is unique. How can I be sure B-School will work for my business?

We have successful grads across 650+ industries in 165 countries and territories.

From fishing, farming, fashion and flower delivery to clothing retailers, knitting shops, hooping festivals, designers, language instructors, app makers, tech companies, yogis and every flavor of speaker, author, coach and consultant — the rich and diverse creatives in B-School are one of our distinct advantages.

No matter what you sell — a product, service, or experience — you must understand how to effectively share your message, attract and convert browsers into buyers, and create raving fans who’ll keep coming back for more.

Regardless of your industry, thriving as an entrepreneur in today’s economy means knowing how to build trust, create meaningful connections, and sell to people online.

YES, B-School works for… 
Product-Based Businesses
B-School grads are out there selling flowers, cupcakes, books, apps, clothing, wood-carvings and everything in between. If you sell physical or digital products, B-School can help.
Service-Based Businesses
Whether you teach people how to swing dance at their wedding or do financial consulting for Fortune 500 companies, let B-School take your service-based business to the next level.
Take your brick-and-mortar business online to reach a broader audience, create new revenue streams, and stay relevant in a changing economy. 

I’m booked to travel during B-School. Will I miss out?

Not at all. The training and bonuses will be inside the Member Area waiting for you. Our Office Hours sessions are recorded, too. Do keep in mind that refund eligibility is only through [UPDATE TIME AND DATE] 5pm Eastern U.S. time on Sunday, March 20, 2022.

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Marie?

We can’t promise that. Marie delivers her best advice and strategies, from over 20 years of experience, in the B-School core trainings. To be clear, this is not a one-on-one coaching program. It’s a group learning experience, so in addition to the trainings, you’ll get additional support from our B-School Mentor Coaches within the scheduled live working sessions.

What if the world explodes/global pandemic/everything goes to hell...again?

In 2020, countless students wrote in to tell us how they used B-School to pivot their businesses, adapt to a changing world, and bounce back when their jobs and even entire industries disappeared due to COVID-19. Upleveling your skills through B-School will help you build resilience and secure your future — no matter what happens.

If You’ve Read This Far...

You owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:
What if just one idea in B-School…
turns your business into a profit and purpose-generating machine, giving you and your family financial freedom for life?
What if just one strategy in B-School…
helps you reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers?
What if just one technique in B-School…
frees up 4-7 more productive hours per week? What impact will that have on your relationships, your profits, your joy?

What would those changes realistically be worth to you over a lifetime?
$5,000, $20,000, $50,000, or more?
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Stop playing small.
Start making the difference you were born to make.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Stop playing small.
Start making the difference you were born to make.

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